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Horse Riding - March 25, 2012

There are two separate horseback riding events planned for Sunday March 25.  Members from the Main Troop can choose between either of the two (but not both).  (Sorry 2012 First Years – you'll have to wait until next year.)

Both activities are offered through Western Trail Riding (  Drivers / adult volunteers are be needed for both events.

Option 1: All-day Horsemanship Merit Badge Program 

The first activity is an extensive one-day workshop that meets all of Requirements for the Horsemanship Merit Badge.  The event will run from 9am - 3pm at Western Trail Riding’s Las Trampas Facility near San Ramon (which is 55 miles from LAUMC).  There is space for 12 scouts.  Cost is $75/scout.  Scouts will need to meet at LAUMC at 7:30am, and will return to LAUMC circa 4:30pm.  Scouts will need to bring their own lunch.  Details of the program are available at

Option 2: One-hour Trail Ride in Sunol

The second activity is a one-hour trail ride at Western Trail Riding’s facility in Sunol Regional Park.  Cost is $40/scout.  There is space available for 14 scouts (including two groups of 7 – the first group will ride from 9-10am, and the second group from 10-11am).  Details of the ride are available at    Scouts will meet at LAUMC at 7:45am, and will return circa 12:30pm.  Scouts will have lunch upon their return, and should bring a snack.
NOTE: There is a 54" minimum height requirement.

Drivers / adult volunteers can sign up separately from the scouts at the links provided below.

Sign-up Step 1:

Sign up for either (but not both) events via the following links:

Sign-up Step 2:

Parents/guardians must print/complete/sign a waiver for their scout.

Sign-up Step 3:

MAIL the following items:

1. The completed waiver

2.  Check (made payable to BSA Troop 33) for the appropriate amount

  • $75 for the All-day Horsemanship Merit Badge Program
  • OR
  • $40 for the 1-hour trail ride in Sunol


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150 Wortham Ct
Mountain View CA 94040