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Volunteer Roles




Activity Coordinator

Janet Kolstad

Overall coordination of logistics

Travel Coordinator

Gary Wipfler

Air and ground transportation plus lodging


Anita Reddy

Budget, collect money, coordinate payments to Philmont

Health Forms

Alan Hantke

Collect all health forms


Bruce Van Nice

Purchase crew gear and Philmont food for trips

Send-Off Party

Katie Jones

Coordinate send-off BBQ / swim party

Wilderness First Aid

Allison Frankel

Coordinate sign-ups and payment for Bobbie Foster’s WFA

Reunion BBQ

Allison Frankel

Coordinate reunion BBQ with slide show and awards

Shirts and Hats

Lakshmi Suresh

Coordinate purchase of crew shirts

Luggage Tags

Takane Kitamura

Make personal luggage tags and duty roster tags

Activity Coordinators

Barbara Wipfler
Bruce Van Nice
Joe Binkley
Katie Jones

Collect sign-ups, money, and coordinate food for outings