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BAOC Scout-O - October 13, 2013

        THANK YOU ALL for participating! Look at the RESULTS HERE !

 BAOC Scout-O-   A special orienteering event for scouts and their families. This is a great opportunity to meet the map and compass requirements required for First Class and Second Class Scouts,or earn your Orienteering Merit badge. Prizes and patches will be awarded!

Photo gallery image (click to enlarge)What is Orienteering?  Orienteering utilizes a map and compass to navigate a course through unfamiliar terrain.  Participants locate a series of points shown on a specialized topographical map, choosing routes—on or off trail— that will help them find all the points and get to the finish in the shortest amount of time.  People of all ages enjoy orienteering as a leisurely walk in the woods or as a competitive cross-country race.  The Bay Area Orienteering Club welcomes newcomers, and offers both beginner courses suitable for both individuals and families, and advanced courses that challenge the technical and physical capabilities of individuals and small teams. 

When: Sunday October 13, 2013, Meet at LAUMC 7:30am, Arrive back at LAUMC at 5pm

Where: Tilden Park, Berkeley CA

Who: This event is open to all Troop 33 Scouts (First Year and Main Troop) and Webelos II (if attending with a parent)

Cost: $17 per scout

Bring: a compass, lunch (you can not buy food at Tilden Park), one (or more) filled water bottles, a pen and pencil

Wear: Troop 33 T-Shirt, Long pants (Tilden Park has stickers and poison oak)  sturdy trail shoes, hat, sunscreen and/or rain gear
Event runs rain-or-shine

SIC: Gian-Andrin Coolen

Activity Coordinator: Kathy Bonte

Sign up: closed

2013 results: look here


Morning Meet (Event)

Scouts will compete against other scouts with the same orienteering experience. Four courses will be offered? in the morning event:

Course 1    Webelos and first year scouts?—?or scouts with very little (less than 2) prior orienteering experiences.

                  Webelos and scouts can run in groups of 2–6 with an adult advisor who should follow his or her group, not lead it.

Course 2    First class scouts?—?or scouts with minimal (2 to 5) orienteering experiences: Compete in buddy-pairs.

Course 3    Older scouts, or scouts with substantial (more than 5) orienteering experiences: Compete in buddy-pairs.

Course 4    Advanced, experienced orienteers of any rank. Scouts run in buddy pairs on a typical Orienteering USA Orange-level course.

Adults        All leaders and parents are invited to compete on a course similar to, but separate from, Course 3

                  They may run in groups or alone. Leaders/parents should also pre-register. Leader results are for bragging rights only, and will not affect troop scoring.

Afternoon Meet (Event)

All scouts can compete in a troop event in the afternoon. Both morning and afternoon events will contribute to the troop total score to determine the troop championship.

Hint: The more scouts that attend from a given troop, the better the troop usually does.

Check out the stunning views from Tilden Park's trails
stunning views from the TIlden Park trail


Meet at LAUMC 7:30am
Arrive at Tilden Park at 8:45am.
Instructions begin at at 9am
Morning event will begin at 10am
Afternoon event will begin at 1pm
Awards ceremony will begin at 3:15 PM and the meet will be closed at 3:40 PM
Drive home 3:45pm
Arrive LAUMC 5pm


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Oct 27, 2014, 9:50 AM