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Half Dome Shakedown - September 15, 2013

What: Half Dome Shakedown
When: September 15, 2013
Who: Half Dome Hikers
Cost: Free!
SIC: Zach Ottoes
Activity Coordinator: Brent Browning


Scouts and Adults planning to hike Half Dome are invited to join us for a shakedown hike up Black Mountain via the PG&E Trail.

This is a ~12 mile out-n-back route that starts at the Rancho San Antonio horse parking lot and climbs 3.5 miles up the PG&E trail to Vista Point, then 1.1 miles on the Quarry Trail, then another ~1-2 miles up Black Mountain trail that will take 6-7 hours to hike.

I mapped the route in my National Geographics Topo! software:

The elevation profile shows a +3,438’ gain and -1,075’ loss for a net gain of +2,363’ in ~5.5 miles for the route to the top:

We will meet at 6:45am at the Rancho San Antonio parking lot.  Take the first left off Cristo Del Rey drive after you go through the roundabout.  This will take you down to the horse parking lot.  Please note that this is NOT the main parking lot and it will be crowded.  Plan to carpool or get dropped off since this parking lot fills up quickly.


What to Bring

  • Water - bring 3L in a CamelBak or Nalgene bottles (no water on the trail!)
  • Trail snacks - bring enough for a 6-7 hour hike
  • Hiking boots - wear the ones you plan to use on Half Dome
  • Polypro - NO COTTON
  • Day pack - how else are you going to carry things?
  • Hiking poles - bring 'em if you have 'em
  • Signed copy of activity consent form (see below)


Brent Browning,
Sep 10, 2013, 9:03 AM