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Rifle Shooting - November 8 & 15, 2013

What: Rifle Shooting
When: Friday November 8 and 15, 2013
Who: All Troop 33 Scouts (parents MUST attend)
Cost: $25/Scout (covers the cost of ammo)


  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to shoot a rifle?
  • Have you shot a rifle at camp and wanted more range time?
  • Are you working on the Rifle Shooting merit badge?
You are in luck!!  I am coordinating two evenings of supervised, safe, and fun rifle shooting at the Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club. This will be a fully supervised event.  The Sunnyvale Rod & Gun Club will provide a Range Master and a Range Safety Officer.  We have also contacted a Venture Crew who will be bringing their rifles and helping with instruction.  I will be serve as a Rifle Instructors for the evening.  I have secured the use of the entire rimfire side of the range on two separate Friday evenings for our use.  We will setup 10 lanes and both paper and reactive (steel) targets at 50 feet, 50 yards, and 100 yards.  Scouts will shoot single-fire, bolt-action rifles.  Scouts who are 14 or older will have a chance to shoot Ruger 10/22 auto-loader rifles.

NOTE: All Scouts are required to attend a MANDATORY safety briefing before they can shoot, see below for details.

Brent Browning
Troop 33 Scoutmaster
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Rifle/Shotgun Instructor


  • Each time slot holds up to 10 Scouts
    • Friday November 8th - 5:00-7:00pm or 7:00-9:00pm
    • Friday November 15th - 5:00-7:00pm or 7:00-9:00pm
  • Scouts taking the merit badge have priority and will be guaranteed 2 slots
  • Scouts shooting for fun can sign up for 2 slots
  • Scouts should not sign up for back-to-back slots (they need rest!)
  • Parents are encouraged to shoot (time permitting)
  • Parents must sign BOTH consent forms before the outing
NOTE: Parents MUST attend the outing (the club requires one adult for every Scout)

Mandatory Safety Briefing

Scouts not taking the merit badge class must attend a MANDATORY safety briefing:
  • Tuesday November 5th - 6:30-7:15pm
  • OR
  • Tuesday November 12th - 6:30-7:15pm


Parents are responsible for driving to the club.  Make sure you are on time!
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This is the entrance to the club, don't stop here!  The gates will be open, go up the driveway to the parking lot at the top.  Drive to the end of the parking lot and park near the "Rifle and Pistol Range" and look for us in the clubhouse.  Do NOT enter the range!


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