Budget & Payment Schedule

Budget (estimated)

Item  Amount  Notes
Philmont Payment $800
Airline Tickets $350 Southwest
Ground Transport $175 A Charter Company
Lodging 1st night $30 Cimarron, NM
T-Shirts (2 per person) $50 Polypro, custom
Miscellaneous $100 Send-off/  Re-union BBQ
Total $1,505

NOTE: Shakedown outings are on a pay-as-you-go basis, costs will be minimal (fees, gas, and food).

Payment Schedule

Dates Due  Amount  Notes
Jun 4 $100  Philmont deposit
Sep 30 $350  Philmont payment #2
Jan 15 $350  Airfare (Southwest)
Feb 15 $350  Philmont payment #3
Mar 15 $150  Ground transportation
Apr 15 $150  Lodging and expenses
May 31 * $ 55  T-shirts and Misc.
Total $1,505

NOTE: All payments are non-refundable.  Payments need to be made to Philmont and to purchase airline tickets.  Once airline tickets are purchased they are non-transferable.  Costs are per-person and do not cover the cost of meals on travel days.