Crew Responsibilities

Crew Leader (trek)

The crew leader is responsible for developing the crew as a team, assigning, duties, and making decisions. Ideally, the crew leader discusses ideas and alternatives with the entire crew to hear everyone and to arrive at a consensus before action is taken.  The Crew Leader provides leadership for the following:
  1. Making itinerary selections based on the desires and physical abilities of the crew
  2. Choosing routes during the trek based on the capability of the crew
  3. Setting up and breaking camp
  4. Establishing a duty roster
  5. Seeing that "smellables" are properly stored and that other precautions are followed to avoid encounters with bears and other wildlife
  6. Ensuring that the Philmont Wilderness Pledge is upheld and that every campsite and fire pit is left clean

Hike Leader (daily)

Responsible for keeping the crew together while hiking.
  1. Hikes at the front of the group, stops at all junctions, and consults with Navigator
  2. Assesses and re-assesses the pace
  3. Calls a 5 minute break after first 10 minutes of hiking to allow for gear and layering adjustments
  4. Calls for breaks every ~30 minutes (more frequent for uphills, less frequent for downhills)
  5. Announces a break as 5 minute "packs on" or 20 minute "packs off"
  6. Calls "Is anyone not ready?" before beginning to hike
  7. Calls for crew count-off to make sure all crew members are present
  8. Works closely with the Navigator to follow daily route

Navigator (daily)

Responsible for all land navigation.
  1. Reviews the map the day before, understands the terrain, and proposes a route
  2. Works with the Crew Leader to determine the route and timing for the next day
  3. Carries a map and compass
  4. Determines which direction to take at all trail junctions
  5. Works closely with the Hike Leader and Crew Leader

Cook (daily)

Responsible for cooking hot meals and preparing all other meals.
  1. Sets up the cooking area
  2. Determines order of food preparation and amount of water to boil
  3. Boils water
  4. Cooks the food
  5. Serves the food

Kitchen Patrol ("KP", daily)

Responsible for kitchen cleanup and assisting the cook as needed.
  1. Helps the Cook setup the cooking area
  2. Sanitizes all dishes in boiling water before cooking
  3. Helps the cook as needed
  4. Cleans all pots and crew dishes after dinner

Water (daily)

Responsible for pumping or filtering water for the entire crew.
  1. Find out which crew members need water and how much they need
  2. Use 10L collapsible bag to hold "contaminated" water
  3. Install coffee filter as pre-filter before pumping water
  4. Use pump to fill 3L collapsible containers
  5. Fill crew bottles from 3L collapsible containers (do not touch the rims!)
  6. Make sure water filters are properly handled (don't touch dirt) and stored after use

Grubmaster (daily)

Responsible for Philmont issued food pouches from receipt to disposal
  1. Supply/Resupply
    1. Receive food pouches from Philmont Quartermaster
    2. Record food pouch assignments for crew members
      1. Buddy pairs carry one food pouch for every meal
      2. Each buddy carries one food pouch for every other meal
      3. Mark bags with initials using sharpie
    3. Distribute food pouches to crew members
  2. Bear Bag
    1. Collect food pouches, including trash pouches and leftover food pouches, from crew and pack in bear bag
    2. Unpack bear bag, organize and distribute food pouches, including trash pouches and leftover food pouches, to crew members
  3. Meals
    1. Collect food packets from food pouches for cook when cooking as a group
    2. Supervise collection and packing of trash and leftovers after meals
  4. Disposal/Drop-off/Exchange
    1. Crew members carry trash and leftover food in their assigned used food pouches
    2. Supervise disposal of trash and drop-off or exchange of leftover food at staffed camps

Quartermaster (daily)

  1. Collect crew gear from all crew members when crew arrives into camp
  2. Setup the crew dining fly with assistance from other crew members
  3. Assist Grubmaster with bear bags

Wilderness Pledge Guia (trek)

The Wilderness Pledge Guia will help the crew understand the principles of the Philmont Wilderness Pledge and Leave No Trace. This person will help the crew focus on camping practices that will adhere to the wilderness ethics outlined in the two approaches.  His responsibilities include:
  1. Help the crew understand the principles of the Philmont Wilderness Pledge and Leave No Trace
  2. Help the crew focus on camping practices that will adhere to the wilderness ethics outlined in the two approaches
  3. Work with the crews Ranger to learn the principles of the Wilderness Pledge and Leave No Trace.
  4. Assist their crew in implementing these principles throughout their experience at Philmont Scout Ranch.
  5. Guide their crew in discussions about wilderness ethics by focusing on one of the seven principles of Leave No Trace during seven days of the trek.
  6. Help their crew follow all camping practices as outlined by their Ranger and strictly follow Philmont's bear and wildlife procedures
  7. Help members of their crew earn the Wilderness Pledge Achievement Award
  8. Wilderness Pledge Guia Booklet

Historian (trek)

  1. Takes photos on shakedowns and during the trek
  2. Keeps a daily journal of crew activities
  3. Collects photos from all crew members and creates slideshow

Chaplain's Aide (trek)

  1. Lead daily "Thorns, Roses, and Buds" sessions
  2. Teach "Philmont grace" to crew and and use it for all meals
  3. Promote and administer the "Duty to God" patch program
  4. Lead daily devotionals (optional attendance) and other appropriate religious services
  5. Assist Crew Leader and Advisors in conflict resolution
NOTE: Positions marked "trek" last for the entire trek and Scouts are eligible to receive up to 2 months of PoR credit
NOTE: Positions marked "daily" are part of the duty roster that is rotated daily and Scouts will share the duties