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Backpacking - Int Adv - April 9, 2015

What: Backpacking - Int Adv
When: April 9 - 12, 2015
Where: Big Sur, Sliver Peak Wilderness
Who: Intermediate Backpackers (has gone at least once on a Troop 33 backpacking trip) 
Cost: $30
SMIC: Chris Webb
Activity Coordinator: Chris Le


At the far south end of Big Sur country, in Los Padres National Forest, are the little-visited destinations of Silver Peak and Salmon Creek.  This is a 4 day 3 night backpacking trip to explore this area,  specifically in the Sliver Peak Wilderness.  Some Big Sur trails instantly reward you with giant redwoods and rocky streams. This one requires you to work a bit for it.  For the first several thousand feet we ascend a series of moderately steep switchbacks which take us up the mountain.  We will veer north and then east around the mountain and enter the Silver Peak Wilderness area. 


- Everyone is responsible for their own meals for the duration of the trip.

- There will be a safety briefing and gear check on Wednesday, April 1st at 7:30 pm, LAUMC


April 9 - Day 1

    Everyone Arrive LAUMC at 7:30am for 8:00am takeoff.

    Stop for lunch at Salmon Creek. Scouts will need to pack a lunch

    Start at Cruikshank trailhead and hike 3 miles with about 1200 feet of climbing to go to Villa Creek Camp for our first night.  

April 10 - Day 2

    Hike 4 miles with about 1900 feet of climbing to nearly to the top of the Silver Peak wilderness at Lion Den Camp

    Optional day hike to Silver Peak

April 11 - Day 3

    Hike 5.6 miles with about 1240 feet of climbing to Buckeye Camp
April 12 - Day 4
    Hike 5 miles out with only about 340 feet of climbing to the Cruikshank trailhead.  

Here's an overview of the route


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