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OA Fall Ordeal - October 23, 2015
 OA Fall Ordeal
When: October 23 - 25, 2015
Who: All Troop 33 OA Scouts, Scouters and OA Candidates
Cost: Paid to OA (link to OA Fall Ordeal Signup)
SIC: Jacob Frank
Activity Coordinator: Douglas MacLeod


The Fall Ordeal is open to all Scouts who were elected as OA Candidates at the Troop 33 OA Call out last March and for Scouts (and Scouters) who are eligible for Brotherhood that have been in the OA for 10 months since completing the Ordeal. You will need to sign up for the Fall Ordeal on the Ohlone Lodge website. This Activity page is only for Troop 33's own tracking of who from Troop 33 will be going to this Ordeal. The ordeal will take place at the Cutter Scout Reservation.


Troop 33 Scouts who want to carpool should meet at LAUMC parking lot at 5:30 PM on Friday October 23, 2015. Candidates are required to be at Camp Cutter by 7 PM. For Ohlone Lodge this event starts at 8 PM on Friday at Camp Cutter and Ends at 10 AM on Sunday at Camp Cutter. If Troop 33 wants to car pool to this event, then we will need to arrange that ourselves. I've added a category of Adult Driver for parents who can drive or pickup scouts from this event.

At the Fall Ordeal Scouts and Scouters who are Candidates can become Members of the OA. Scouts and Scouters who have been members of the OA for 10 months can earn their Brotherhood.