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Fifield-Cahill Ridge Shakedown - January 31, 2016

What: Fifield-Cahill Ridge Shakedown
When: January 31, 2016
Who: Philmont Crews
Cost: N/A
SMIC: Chris Webb
Activity Coordinator: Karen Townsend


Join us for the first Philmont shakedown hike to Fifield-Cahill Ridge.  This is a 10-mile, out-n-back very close to home.  The San Francisco PUC maintains this beautiful stretch of land alongside Highway 280 between Highway 92 and Sweeney Ridge.  The 23,000-acre Peninsula Watershed, purchased by San Francisco along with the Spring Valley Water Company in 1930, is roughly 20 percent larger than Mount Diablo State Park in Contra Costa County. It is a haven for wildlife, particularly endangered species, including the marbled murrelet and three butterfly species.  The article Peninsula's Fifield-Cahill trail a hidden gem describes it as "one of the best-kept -- and most dazzling -- secrets on the Peninsula."

We will be starting at the Skyline Quarry, hiking 5 miles to "Five Points" overlooking the Pilarcitos reservoir, stopping for lunch, then hiking back to the parking lot.  We have several goals for this shakedown trip:
  1. Learn to hike together as a crew
  2. See how your backpack fits
  3. See how your boots fit
  4. Check fitness level of crew members
NOTE: Crews are responsible for arranging their own carpools.


Both Crews

  • 8:00am - Meet at LAUMC
  • 8:30am - Depart
  • 9:00am - Arrive at Skyline Quarry parking lot
  • 9:30am - First crew Start hiking
  • 9:45am - Second crew Start hiking
  • 11:30am - Lunch on the trail
  • 3:00pm - Off the trail
  • 3:30pm - Arrive at LAUMC

What to bring

  • Packed backpack that weighs ~20 lbs.
    • The weight of the backpack is included in the total
    • I recommend including a sleeping bag and other gear in your pack, rather than weights
    • You want to distribute the weight and not have a hunk of metal pounding your lower back
  • Hiking boots
    • Tennis shoes are NOT allowed
    • Low hikers are NOT recommended
  • Ten essentials are a must, especially:
    • Sack lunch
    • Trail snacks
    • 2-3L of water (there is NO water on the trail)
  • Synthetic clothing
    • NO cotton t-shirts
    • NO cotton hoodies
    • Nylon shorts/pants, polypro shirts, fleece jacket
  • BSA Activity Consent Form (see below)


Karen Townsend,
Jan 19, 2016, 9:48 PM