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Henry Coe Shakedown Hike - April 1, 2016

 Henry Coe Shakedown Hike
When: April 1 - 3, 2016
Who:  All Philmont Crew
Cost: $30 per person
SIC: William Stanley & Kevin Kafayi
SMIC: Chris Webb
Activity Coordinator: Jian Li


This is a MANDATORY 3-day, 2-night Philmont shakedown for all crews. Plan on bringing all of your Philmont gear including full rain weather gear. As we get closer, we'll provide advice on clothing -- Henry Coe can be significantly colder or hotter than other areas in the Bay Area.

It is an approximately 1.5 hour drive with traffic to the entrance of Henry Coe State Park.   Driving direction (from LAUMC to Henry Coe): Google Map Instructions


Friday, April 1st

3:30 PM: Arrive LAUMC
4:30 PM: Depart from LAUMC for Henry Coe State Park (~46 miles) -- We leave at 4:30 sharp; please don't be late!
6:00 PM: Arrive at Henry Coe State Park, stay at Coe Ranch Campgroud site 08, 09, 14.

Saturday, April 2nd

Trail conditions:


Monument Trail (Western) 0.50 H 09/01/17 Open and clear. The entry to Monument Trail on Hobbs Road has lacked a sign (and post) since January, 2012. (Posted by Paul V708)


Hobbs Road (Western+) 5.37 H B E V 01/29/18 Open and clear. (Posted by Paul V708)


Frog Lake Trail (Western) 1.03 H 03/01/18 Open and clear. (Reported by Larry V785)


Middle Ridge Trail (Western) 3.66 H B  03/01/18 In general the Middle Ridge Trail, from Hobbs Road to Fish Trail is, in many places, thick with shrubs growing on both sides of the trail. Poison Oak abounds all along the trail. Recent trail work has moved debris off the trail. The track is easy to follow.   Previously noted; a couple of switchback turns need repair. Tree down near bottom. (Posted by Paul V708)


Cougar Trail (Western) 0.78 H B E 03/26/18 Open but one large tree across trail 1/4 mile up from the bottom. (Reported by Elena V720)


China Hole Trail (Western) 4.74 H B E 04/14/18 Open and clear.    Upper western portion recently received maintenance work.(Reported by Paul V708)


Creekside Trail (Western) 0.56 H B E 02/01/18

Open but poorly graded in sections due to erosion. (Posted by Paul V708)


Mile Trail (Western) 1.21 01/13/18 Open but trees down and some encroaching brush. (Reported by Paul V708)


Madrone Soda Springs Trail (Western) 0.95 H 01/13/18

Open but one section near bottom is dangerously narrowed by a slide. (Reported by Paul V708)

Sunday, April 3rd

We will return to LAUMC late on Sunday morning. Updates will be provided via email.

Lesions Learned:

Henry Coe Lessons Learned ‎(Responses)‎

Payments can be made with a check on Tuesdays at the troop meetings. 

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