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Merit Badge Rally - October 24th, 2017

What: Merit Badge Rally
When: October 24th, November 7th , November 14, 2017
Where: LAUMC
Who: All Troop 33 Scouts
Activity Coordinator: Julie Showalter

Post Rally Survey:  Merit Badge Rally Survey


We will be holding our annual merit badge rally for three weeks in November during our normal troop meeting time. 

The rally offers Scouts a chance to earn one merit badge from a list of 6 Eagle-required and 3 elective badges taught by Troop 33 leaders and parents. 

There will also be a new opportunity this year - the opportunity to work on select partials. 

There will be no troop meeting for these 3 weeks, so all scouts (including first years) need to sign up for a merit badge class.

Scouts will generally be able to finish all requirements for elective merit badges, and complete the worksheets for Eagle required badges, IF they:
  • Attend ALL class sessions 
  • Complete ALL prerequisites and bring to first class session
  • Complete ALL required homework
  • Get a signed blue card before class starts
  • Get a copy of the merit badge booklet (from Scout store or Troop Librarian or online purchase)
  • Print out and bring the merit badge workbook from (links for each workbook are below)
  • Be an active participant in the class
NOTE: Most Eagle badges require work that extends beyond the three week rally.  A Scout will earn a partial if he does not complete the requirements, whether for missing a class or otherwise not finishing the requirements.  Scouts are able to work with counselors to complete partials.  

PARTIALLY COMPLETED MERIT BADGES: We will offer scouts the opportunity to wrap up partial merit badges before, during, or after the rally sessions with Mr. Browning.  Please note if you want to do a partial and are signed up to complete a merit badge you must meet with Mr. Browning before or after the your badge meeting.  Please make arrangements with Mr. Browning.

Below are the merit badges being offered.  Please review the requirements and prerequisites BEFORE you sign up       

                      Electronics                                                               Sustainability                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Electronics is the science that controls the behavior of                                        Sustainability is about the conservation and stewardship 
electrons so that some type of useful function is performed.                             of our natural resources. Learn more about being a good
This is a hands on merit badge, where you will solder and                                  seward of your food, water and energy sources.  As well as,  
build an electronic gadgets.                                                                                    having a positive impact on your family and community.

Counselor: Mr. Marcopulos                                                                         Counselors: Mrs. Dave and Mrs. Boustead    
Class size: Maximum 15                                                                              Class size: Maximum 10
Pre-reqs: NONE.                                                                                          Pre-reqs: complete requirement 1
RequirementsClick here for requirements                                                      Requirements: Click here for requirements
WorkbookClick here for workbook                                                             Workbook: Click here for workbook
  • There will be a fee of $35 for this class for materials
  • Bring to class the following:
  • Pen, Pencil, Merit Badge Book
  • Scratch paper
  • Print out of Workbook (used as a reference don't fill out prior to class)  

  • You are expected to read the MB book prior to class starting


         Astronomy                                                   Photography 


In learning about astronomy, Scouts study how activities                                        Beyond capturing family memories, photography offers a chance 
in space affect our own planet and bear witness to the                                           to be creative. Many photographers use photography to express
wonders of the night sky: the nebulae, or giant clouds of                                        their creativity, using lighting, composition, depth, color and content
gas and dust where new stars are born; old stars dying and                                   to make their photographs into more than snapshots.
exploding; meteor showers and shooting stars: the moon,                                        
planets, and a dazzling array of stars.                                                                      Counselor: Mr. Marcopulos    
                                                                                                                                  Class size: Maximum 15                                                                                     
Counselor:  Mr. MacLeod and Mr. Gross                                                                 RequirementsClick here for requirements
Class size: Minimum 2, Maximum 15                                                                        Pre-reqs: None
RequirementsClick here for requirements                                                             Workbook: Click here for workbook

WorkbookClick here for workbook

Note: There will be followup work as well, primarily for star viewing


        Communication                                         Citizenship in the Comm


This Eagle required badge focuses on how people use messages                          A nation is a patchwork of communities that differ from each other 
to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures,                        and may be governed differently. But regardless of how local 
channels, and media. The field of communication promotes the                              communities differ, they all have one point in common: In the United 
effective and ethical practice of human communication.                                           States, local government means self-government. Good citizens 
                                                                                                                         help to make decisions about their community through their elected
                                                                                                                         local officials.

Counselor: Mr. Gupta                                                                     Counselor: Mrs. Stanley

Class size: Minimum 4, Maximum 10                                                             Class size: Minimum 6, Maximum 15                                                                                                                          

Pre-reqs: Rank of Star or Life                                                                     Pre-reqs: TBD

RequirementsClick here for requirements                                                     RequirementsClick here for requirements

WorkbookClick here for workbook.                                                        WorkbookClick here for workbook

Note:                                                                                                               NOTE:  
This badge has a requirement of an off site attendance.                                         There will be an
 at a public meeting.                                                                                           additional offsite meeting.  (Attendance at a public meeting
                                                                                                                                  is required by this merit badge)

        Emergency Preparedness                                                    Personal Management


Scouts are often called upon to help because they know first aid                          Personal management is about mapping a plan for your life that will involve
and they know about the discipline and planning needed to react                         setting short-range and long range goals and investigating different ways to 
to an emergency situation. Earning this merit badge helps a Scout                       make them become a reality.  To achieve your goals you will choose the best
to be prepared by learning the actions that can be helpful and needed                 path and set short-range and long-range goals and investigate different ways to 
before, during, and after an emergency.                                                                 choose the best path and make a commitment to it, while remaining flexible enough
                                                                                                                                to deal with changes and new opportunities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Counselors: Mr. Webb                                                                                  Counselors:  Mrs. Bergwerk and Mr. Pampeyan

Class size: Maximum 15                                                                               Class size: Minimum 2, Maximum 10

Pre-reqs: First Aid merit badge                                                                    Pre-reqsReview the merit badge book and be prepared to discuss requirement #3                    

WorkbookClick here for workbook                                                            WorkbookClick here for workbook

NOTE                                                                                                         NOTE:

This is best saved for Scouts who are 13 or older.                                      Requires tracking your income and expenses for 13 weeks.  This is best saved for 

                                                                                                                     scouts 14 and older.  Scouts must have income/expense for tracking.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Star and Life scouts on the Eagle trail - this is your only chance to get this badge over the course of the year - it is not offered at any of the various council midways. This merit badge requires a lot of time, effort and homework.  If you started the badge at Camp Oljato and would like to complete it, you are welcome to sign up as well.  Participation in all 5 sessions (3 Rally dates plus January 6 and 20 from 9-1pm) is required to complete this badge.  Scouts who have previously done the Cooking workshops with our counselors need to contact them directly to work on any remaining requirements.

Class size: Minimum 4, Maximum 18
Pre-reqs: TBD
  • Camping and backpacking cooking will be done on January 6 and 20
  • Participation in all 5 sessions required (3 rally sessions and January 6 and 20 from 9-1pm)
  • TBD fee for materials (food), not more than $40


  • Roster