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Le Tour de LAPV Road Cycling - April 1, 2017

What: Road Cycling 25+ miles
When: April 1, 2017 8am to 1pm-ish
Where: Start/Finish at LAUMC parking lot
Who: All Troop 33 Scouts
Cost: $0
Activity Coordinator: Lin Jing


We will do 25+ mile bike ride. Start from LAUMC parking lot at 8am, ride through Los Altos, Portola Valley, and return to LAUMC parking lot around 1pm.

What to Bring:
- signed activity form (Please email it to or submit it to Lin Jing at the troop meetings by 3/28. Thank you!)
- water (bottle or camelback)
- snacks
- layer clothing
- bike in great condition (road preferred)
- $10 for lunch


We will start the ride from LAUMC parking lot at 8am.
Stop for a quick lunch before heading back.
We will return to LAUMC 1pm-ish.


jing lin,
Mar 7, 2017, 7:59 PM