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Wilderness Survival Overnight - September 23, 2017

What: Wilderness Survival Overnight
When: September 23 - 24, 2017
Where:  Campsite McKinley at Boulder Creek Scout Reservation  (map)
Who: All Troop 33 Scouts First Class and above. Second class with permission of SMIC
Cost: $18
Activity Coordinator: Jian Li


Here’s the basic idea:
What would you do if you set out for a day hike and lost your directions? What if night was falling and you had no idea which way it was to camp? What if you went fishing and forgot where you parked the car? (I’ve done this)! What if it started snowing and you lost sight of the trail? Of course this NEVER happens to a Boy Scout, right? But it can happen to anyone. On this trip, we’re going to plan to get LOST. But it’s a drill – and you are all lucky enough to know it’s about to happen.
What to bring?
What are the ten essentials? You should have them with you. I like to group them into three areas:
  • protection from thirst and hunger,
  • protection from the elements,
  • protection from injury/emergency.
In our case, because we are pretending to be LOST on a day hike, we will not have tent or sleeping bag. But you should still have ten essentials: Water, extra food, first aid kit, whistle, rain protection, layered clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, bug repellent, knife, compass, map, toilet paper, lighter, flashlight… (ok, that’s 16, but you get the idea!). See for a discussion and history.

Challenge yourself to bring as little as you can, but DO NOT jeopardize your safety. Bring any medications you might need.  My personal goal is to bring no more than I can fit in a fanny pack (No more than I would carry on a day hike).
Here’s what I recommend:
Layer your clothing and plan to sleep in it (it does get cold at night), consider a space blanket or tarp, maybe a 50 gallon garbage bag or emergency poncho. Grab a few snack bars, a large water bottle or a couple of gatorades. Bring a first aid kit and lighter, pocket knife, maybe even paracord or twine. Why bring a flashlight on a day hike? Think about it! Be ready to build your emergency Wilderness Shelter.
Devise your own personal strategy of packing light and small for survival.
Do you need a Parachute?
I will be bringing a lot of extra emergency supplies, but we will be considering this the “tap-out” bag. If you need to bring anything, from your teddy bear to your breakfast burrito, I won’t stop you, but we will begin by setting comforts aside. You are welcome to tap out at any time, and go eat your pizza, call your parents, or whatever… No problem, No harm, No foul. But, those who make it through the night can say they survived getting LOST with Troop 33

    A few pictures of things we can create:


Start time:  9/23 11am at LAUMC
End time: 9/24 between 8:30 AM and 10am at LAUMC.  We will text/call parents ahead of time with a more precise ETA.


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