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First Aid Merit Badge - October 20 & November 17, 2018

Image result for first aid merit badgeWhat: First Aid Merit Badge
When: October 20 & November 17, 2018
Where: LAUMC
Who: Must be First Class or higher, limited to 24 Scouts
Cost: $20
Activity Coordinator: Amy Mendenhall


Troop 33 is offering a First Aid Merit Badge class for Scouts who are First Class rank or higher.  This is an Eagle-required merit badge that will be taught in two 4-hour sessions across two Saturdays.

NOTE: Scouts must be First Class or higher because this class assumes that you have full knowledge of the basic Trail to First Class first aid skills. 

NOTE: Scouts must attend both sessions, participate, and do the necessary homework in order to complete this merit badge.  No make-up sessions will be scheduled!


All Scouts must complete the following before attending class:
  • Be First Class rank or higher
  • Obtain a copy of the First Aid merit badge pamphlet
  • Study all the Trail to First Class (Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class) first aid requirements
  • Prepare a "home first aid kit" (see below, NO store-bought kits will be accepted!)


This class will span two Saturday sessions.  Scouts will be divided into groups of 6 and rotate through four stations as follows:

Saturday 10/20 1:00-5:30pm

  • Basic First Aid Review – #1, #2, #3
  • First Aid Kit Inspection – #5
  • Environmental Hazards – #9, #12
  • Transport – #13, #14
Saturday 11/17 1:00-5:30pm
  • CPR/AED – #6, #7
  • Wound Care & Bandaging – #4, #8, #14
  • Splinting – #10, #11, #13
  • Hands-on practical scenarios


Saturday 10/20 - Garden Room, Live Oak Room, Choir Room
Saturday 11/17 - (TBD, Creekside??)

Home First Aid Kit

According to the First Aid merit badge pamphlet on page 22 a home or patrol/troop first aid kit is "A more comprehensive first-aid kit suitable for home use or use
by your patrol or troop can treat a wide range of injuries".  At a minimum, the kit should contain the following:
  • Roller bandage, 2-inch (1)
  • Roller bandage, 1-inch (2)
  • Adhesive tape, 1-inch (1 roll)
  • Alcohol swabs (24)
  • Assorted adhesive bandages (1 box)
  • Elastic bandages, 3-inch-wide (2)
  • Sterile gauze pads, 3-by-3-inch (12)
  • Moleskin, 3-by-6-inch (4)
  • Gel pads for blisters and burns (2 packets)
  • Triple antibiotic ointment (1 tube)
  • Triangular bandages (4)
  • Soap (1 small bar) or alcohol-based hand sanitizing gel (1 travel size bottle)
  • Scissors (1 pair)
  • Tweezers (1 pair)
  • Safety pins (12)
  • Non-latex disposable gloves (6 pairs)
  • Protective goggles/safety glasses (1 pair)
  • CPR breathing barrier (1)
  • Pencil and paper
As you can see, this is not the same as a personal first aid kit or a lightweight backpacking first aid kit.

NOTE: CPR breathing barriers can be obtained at Red Cross, REI, or other similar locations.

NOTE: The kit must be made from scratch.  Store-bought kits will NOT be accepted.


Scout/Adult Payment ($20 + 0.91 paypal fee)

Checks made out to "BSA Troop 33" can also be given to the Activity Coordinator (no payment fee needed).


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