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Merit Badge Rally - Oct 30, Nov 6 & 13, 2018

What: Merit Badge Rally
When: October 30, 2018
Where: Creekside and other LAUMC rooms
Who: All Troop 33 Scouts
Activity Coordinator: Julie Showalter


We will be holding our annual merit badge rally for three weeks in October/November during our normal troop meeting time.  The rally offers Scouts a chance to earn one merit badge from a list of 5 Eagle-required and 4 elective badges taught by Troop 33 leaders and parents.  There will be no troop meeting for these 3 weeks, so all scouts (including first years) need to sign up for a merit badge.

Scouts will be able to complete most of the merit badges offered, IF they:
  • Attend ALL class sessions (no make-ups planned right now, though we are aware there are Scouts who will miss one week because of the 8th grade Yosemite trip)
  • Complete ALL pre-requisites and bring to first class session
  • Complete ALL required homework
  • Get a signed blue card before class starts
  • Get a copy of the merit badge booklet (from Scout store or Troop Librarian)
  • Print out and bring the merit badge workbook from (links for each workbook are below)
  • Be an active participant in the class
NOTE: Some badges require work that extends beyond the three week rally.  A Scout will earn a partial if he does not complete the requirements, whether for missing a class or otherwise not finishing the requirements.  Scouts are able to work with counselors to complete partials.  

PARTIALLY COMPLETED MERIT BADGES: We will offer scouts the opportunity to wrap up partial merit badges before, during, or after the rally sessions.  Please indicate on your sign-up if you will be working on a partial merit badge(s) and which one.

Below are the merit badges being offered.  Please review the requirements and prerequisites BEFORE you sign up.
Please note: Personal Fitness will be offered after the holidays in 2019.

Citizenship in the World

Scouts who earn the Citizenship in the World merit badge will discover that they are already citizens of the world. How good a world citizen each person is depends on his willingness to understand and appreciate the values, traditions, and concerns of people in other countries.

Counselor: Mrs. Stanley & Mrs. Jones (Oct. 31/Nov. 13) and Mrs. Showalter (Nov. 6th)
Class size: Minimum 10, Maximum 15
Pre-reqs: Completed 7th grade


Communication focuses on how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The field of communication promotes the effective and ethical practice of human communication.

Counselor: Alex Baretta
Class size: Minimum 4, Maximum 10
Pre-reqs: Rank of Star or Life

Emergency Preparedness

Scouts are often called upon to help because they know first aid and they know about the discipline and planning needed to react to an emergency situation. Earning this merit badge helps a Scout to be prepared by learning the actions that can be helpful and needed before, during, and after an emergency.

Counselors: Jeanne Schmit
Class size: Maximum 15
Pre-reqs: First Aid merit badge
  • This is best saved for Scouts who are 13 or older
Family Life

The family is the basic unit of society and is important to both individuals and communities. 
As Scouts earn this merit badge, they will realize why it is important to know more about family life and how to strengthen their families. 

Counselors: Terry Hahn
Class size: Min 4 - Maximum 15
Pre-reqsBe prepared to discuss requirement 1 and 2; bring a list of your home duties or chores, You can optionally bring a project proposal (requirement 4) for approval.  Complete as many additional requirements as possible (and you'll have less follow up work to complete)

  • This is an excellent merit badge for first year Scouts
  • Requires keeping a record of chores for 90-days

Digital Technology

Technology is involved in virtually every aspect of life today.  The Digital Technology Merit Badge is all about using, understanding and appreciating digital technology, including computers, tablets, cell phones, and other electronic devices. This merit badge was introduced in 2014 (it replaces Computers).

Counselor: Mr. Pampeyan
Class size: Minimum 4, Maximum 12
Pre-reqs:  CyberChip completed outside of class; complete merit badge requirement #6

  • Scouts will need access to a computer to complete assignments in between sessions


Sustainability is about conservation and stewardship of our natural resources.  Learn more about being a good steward of your food, water and energy resources, and have a positive impact on your family and community.

Counselor: Dipti Dave and Renee Boustead
Class size: Maximum 10
Pre-reqs: Complete requirement 1


Electronics is the science that controls the behavior of electrons so that some type of useful function is performed. Today, electronics is a fast-changing and exciting field.

Counselor: Mr. Marcopulos
Class size: Maximum 10
Pre-reqs: NONE
NOTE: There will be a fee of $35 for this class


Beyond capturing family memories, photography offers a chance to be creative. Many photographers use photography to express their creativity, using lighting, composition, depth, color, and content to make their photographs into more than snapshots.

Counselor: Peter Monaco
Class size: Maximum 10
Pre-reqs: NONE


Model Design and Building

See the source image
Model making, the art of creating copies of objects that are either smaller or larger than the objects they represent, is not only an enjoyable and educational hobby: it is widely used in the professional world for such things as creating special effects for movies, developing plans for buildings, and designing automobiles and airplanes.

Counselors: David Louie
Class size: min 4 max 8
Requirements: 7th grade minimum, scouts required to finish the 2 required models on their own at home between classes.

There will be a fee of $20 to cover materials

The Model building merit badge requires significant individual time
outside of the merit badge classes.  In addition to reviewing the Model Building workbook, preparation of original model plans and gathering of materials and tools must be done in advance of class.  Scouts should also expect to spend any least 2 days of time at home to complete 2 different scale models.  This work is too time consuming to be completed in class.  Because scouts will be handling cutting tools and creating detailed scale models, grade 7 or higher is strongly preferred. 

Review the Model Building workbook for more detailed information on requirements.

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