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Philmont Shakedown Hike - March 18, 2018 - La Honda Open Space Preserve

 Philmont Shakedown Hike
When: March 18, 2018
Time: 10am @ LAUMC - far side of parking lot, to not interrupt church service parking
Where:  La Honda Open Space - take a left at "Apple Jacks" onto Sears Ranch Road
Who: All Philmont Participants and adults who want to join us
Cost: $0
Activity Coordinator: Stephanie Schachter
How: Click here to sign up

Hike Location / Route


This is a Mandatory Shake down hike for All attending Philmont.
  1. Learn to hike together as a crew
  2. See how your backpack fits
  3. See how your boots fit
  4. Check fitness level of crew members
NOTE: We will meet @ LAUMC to arrange carpools and go to the hike start location


Both Crews

  • 10:00am - Meet at LAUMC
  • 10:30am - Depart
  • 11:00am - Arrive at La Honda Open Space Preserve Parking lot - possibly shuttle car since lot is small
  • 11:30am - First crew Start hiking
  • 11:45am - Second crew Start hiking
  • 1:30pm - Lunch on the trail
  • 3:00pm - Off the trail
  • 3:30pm - Arrive at LAUMC*
      • this is a new hike so this is an estimated return time.

What to bring

  • Packed backpack that weighs ~20 lbs.
    • The weight of the backpack is included in the total
    • I recommend including a sleeping bag and other gear in your pack, rather than weights
    • You want to distribute the weight and not have a hunk of metal pounding your lower back
  • Hiking boots
    • Tennis shoes are NOT allowed
    • Low hikers are NOT recommended
  • Ten essentials are a must, especially:
    • Sack lunch
    • Trail snacks
    • 2-3L of water (there is NO water on the trail)
  • Synthetic clothing
    • NO cotton t-shirts
    • NO cotton hoodies
    • Nylon shorts/pants, polypro shirts, fleece jacket
  • BSA Activity Consent Form (see below)


Stephanie Schachter,
Mar 8, 2018, 11:03 AM
Peter Stanley,
Mar 13, 2018, 11:01 AM
Peter Stanley,
Mar 7, 2018, 4:33 PM