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Rifle Shooting Merit Badge - April 29, 2018

 Rifle Shooting Merit Badge
When: April 29, 2018
Who: Second year Scouts and older (LIMITED TO 8 Scouts!)
Cost: $20
How: Click here to sign up (CLASS FULL!)


  • Would you like to earn the Rifle Shooting merit badge?
  • Have you ever wanted to learn how to shoot a rifle?
  • Did you try to sign up for Rifle Shooting merit badge at summer camp and it was full?
You are in luck!  I am coordinating a class that consists of two 2-hour classroom sessions at my house followed by a 5-hour range session at Boulder Creek Scout Reservation.  Mr. Webb will be our Range Safety Officer and I am an NRA certified Rifle Instructor.

Brent Browning
Troop 33 Shooting Sports Advisor
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Rifle/Shotgun/Pistol/Muzzleloading Instructor



Scouts must purchase a copy of the Rifle Shooting merit badge book and read it before each classroom session.

See Rifle Shooting Merit Badge requirements for a list of the requirements.

Scouts must attend ALL of the classroom sessions and the range session in order to complete this badge.

NOTE: Scouts must shoot five shots at 50 feet that can be covered by a quarter and do this five separate times which takes practice, patience, and concentration.  Scouts who cannot complete this requirement will receive a "partial" which can be completed at a later date  There are no guarantees that all Scouts will complete the "qualification" portion of the badge but we will do our best.

Class Sessions

  • Saturday 4/14 - 10am-12pm
  • Sunday 4/22 - 10am-12pm
NOTE: Both classroom sessions will be held at Mr. Browning's house in Sunnyvale.

Range Time

  • Sunday 4/29 - 12pm-5pm @ BCSR
NOTE: This will be held at Boulder Creek Scout Reservation, Scouts to arrange carpool.

Class Outline

  • Class Session #1
    • 1a – why must BB/pellet guns be treated with same respect as firearms
    • 1b – what if a friend asked to see firearms 
    • 1c – need for eye and ear protection 
    • 1h – proper hygienic guidelines in shooting 
    • 2a – identify three main parts of a rifle 
    • 2b – three fundamental rules for safe gun handling 
    • 2e – five fundamentals of shooting a rifle safely
  • Class Session #1 Homework
    • 1f – obtain hunting laws and read main points
    • 1i – find a list of sources to contact for information on firearms and their uses
  • Class Session #2
    • 1d – laws for owning and using firearms 
    • 1e – hunting and wise use of renewable wildlife resources 
    • 1f – explain hunting laws 
    • 1g – explain how to be a part of shooting sports activities 
    • 1i – sources for firearms and their uses 
    • 2c – identify two types of cartridges, parts, and function 
    • 2d – misfire, hangfire, and squib 
    • 2f – explain rules of safe shooting 
    • 2h – identify safety rules and materials for cleaning a rifle 
    • 2i – demonstrate how to clean a rifle 
    • 2j – discuss points to consider in selecting a rifle
  • Range Time
    • 2b – three fundamental rules for safe gun handling
    • 2g – demonstrate knowledge, skills, and attitude to safely shoot
    • 2k - QUALIFY (fire five groups of three shots/group that can be covered by a quarter)
    • 2l – QUALIFY (fire five groups of five shots/group that can be covered by a quarter) 


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Brent Browning,
Apr 22, 2018, 8:14 PM