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Switzerland Hut Hiking - July 28-August 10, 2018

What: Switzerland Hut Hiking
When:  July 28-August 10  
Who: Scouts who will have attended Northern Tier or Philmont
Cost: approx. $2500-$3000, depending on airfare at time of booking
SMIC: Chris Webb/Mattie Coolen
Activity Coordinator: Brian Mellea


This is a hut hiking trip in western Switzerland led by Mattie Coolen, an ASM, who was with the troop for several years while on assignment with Roche/Genetech in the US. His two sons were also in the troop and he's been back to visit us several times. He is now back in Switzerland again working for Roche. 

Our trip consists of long walks over ridges, through valleys and across meadows at 4,000' or higher between huts.. Huts are large structures complete with bunk rooms, a dining room, kitchen, and other facilities. Some are as sophisticated as small hotels. One needs to only carry their personal clothing and gear allowing people to get more hiking distance in each day. Huts can be opened all year or just in the summer.

Where we are going

We will be hiking in the Switzerland National Park, a 66 square mile park with 50 miles of hiking trails. The Switzerland National Park is the country's only national park, and having been founded in 1914, so the past hundred years have enabled it to stay in pristine condition. Geographically, about 3 hours drive from Zurich, the park is northeast of St. Moritz, south of Davos, east of Bolzano, west western Switzerland in national parks north of Italy and east of Davos. 

Agenda (approximate, may change depending upon final trip planning)
Day 1 is a travel day. 
Day 2, 3 are sightseeing. 
Day 4 - 11 are hiking days. 
Day 12 is sightseeing
Day 13 is for flying home.

See v2 of trip presentation (found at the bottom of this page) for more details.

The Hiking Experience
The planned hikes are between 5 and 7 hours or more of hike time daily. Since we will only be caring our personal gear and no tents, food, cooking equipment or fuel, we can cover a lot of beautiful terrain. The difficulty is T2 or T3, not dangerous but you always have to be careful. We will be traveling over marked trails on dirt or rocks. We will not be rock climbing with technical but it is easy to slip especially if it is wet (rain). Only experienced hikers will be invited to join this trip. Please see description of difficulty on this Switzerland hiking website (in English).

Sleeping and Eating
We'll be staying in rustic hotels even though they are called huts. Although some sleeping arrangements are dorm-style rooms containing from eight to as many as 20 hikers, other huts offer private rooms but we’ll be in the dorm-style rooms.  We'll have bunks with pillows and blankets and more. Meals are provided to us and from the photo, look like what you'd have at a nice Swiss/Italian restaurant. So not the standard Philmont, BSA, or even American fare. Here's an example:
Hotel Parc Naziunal Il Fuorn foodHotel Parc Naziunal Il Fuorn room


Airfare, food, hut fees, ground transportation, and sightseeing when we are not hiking is approximately $2,500 to $3,000. We think it may be closer to $3,000 as airfares look like $1,000 to $1,200 now 


This trip is only open to scouts who have successfully completed a high adventure trip to Northern Tier or Philmont before our trip commences (Seabase and the Summit Bechtel Camp are not applicable). Depending on interest, we will have a lottery to select who will go. ASMs and SMs with sons interested in attending will have a preference. We have space for about 14 adults and scouts.

Next Steps

What You Must Do:
1. Sign up to express interest in attending.
2. Book your flights.


We are looking for an activity coordinator to help us plan air travel, reservations, etc. 
Option 1: July 28 to August 10. Depart SFO on July 28, arriving Basel or Zurich on July 29. Depart Basel or Zurich on August 10 and arrive home the same day.

Packing list


The following images shows the types of terrain we'll be hiking through and types of huts that we'll be staying in.
  Sesvenna Hut 

Gasthaus Mayor hutteHiking trailView from Gasthaus HuttePark HutteHotel Parc Naziunal Il FuornLischanne Hutte

Trip Roster - those who are going and signed up

(Actual roster will be determined later.)

Judy Bergwerk,
Aug 26, 2018, 12:24 PM
Chris Webb,
Dec 20, 2017, 9:11 AM
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Jan 23, 2018, 9:56 PM