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Climbing at Planet Granite - October 8, 2019

What: Climbing
When: October 8, 2019
Where: Planet Granite located at 
815 Stewart Dr., Sunnyvale CA 94085 (408) 991-9090
Who: All Troop 33 Scouts
Cost: $16 for 13years and under $28 for 14+ (add $7 for harness and shoe hire)
Activity Coordinator: Renee Boustead


Planet Granite offers a variety of climbing for everyone from the brand new climber to the experienced ones looking to better their technique. 

Trip limit :25 scouts.

Here's more about Planet Granite.

NOTE: All Scouts must have a  Planet Granite minors waiver found here:

Planet Granite uses an electronic online form. Please complete online waiver form and bring a printed copy with you to provide to Renee Boustead. Make sure to watch the orientation video before coming.

Every parent must provide a copy of your drivers license with the Planet Granite waiver. 
If carpooling with another scout, please make a photo copy of your license, so your child can give to the employees.

Here's the details from Planet Granite's website:
Every visitor to Planet Granite must complete the liability wavier AND present a government-issued photo ID card within 30 days of completing the waiver. For minors under 18 years of age, the liability waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian*. If the parent or guardian will not be present, please bring a photocopy of the adult’s government-issued photo ID for signature verification. *Please note: legal guardians must present proof of guardianship to sign a child’s waiver.

**Please give BSA Activity consent forms AND Planet Granite waivers (with a photo copy of your parent's ID) and payment ($40) to Renee Boustead on September 24th or October 1st before or after the meetings.  


Scouts are to meet at Planet Granite by 7:30pm. Scouts are to arrange their own transportation - carpooling is encouraged!

Pay by Check
Please write your checks out to "BSA Troop 33".
Checks made out to "BSA Troop 33" can also be given to the Activity Coordinator (no payment fee needed).

If you pay by PayPal, please forward your payment confirmation to Renee Boustead.

Pay Online

Scout/Adult Payment ($16 for 13years and under $28 for 14+ (add $7 for harness and shoe hire) + $1.50 payment fee)


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