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iFLY Indoor Skydiving - April 13, 2019

What: iFLY Indoor Skydiving
When: April 13, 2019
Where: iFLY SF Bay, 31310 Alvarado-Niles Rd., Union City
Who: All Troop 33 Scouts
Cost: $53 for 2 flights -or- $88 +Virtual Reality "How to Train Your Dragon"
SMIC: Adam Braun
Activity Coordinator: Doris Hsu
How: **Cancelled**


If you love the extreme sport of indoor skydiving, crave adrenaline-inducing activities, or simply want to try something epic, come for an experience of the thrilling sensation of indoor skydiving.  Without a parachute or airplane, a vertical tunnel with high speed wind keeps you floating and soaring through the air, it is one of the most exciting and fastest growing sports in the world.

  • Minimum 6 scouts required to keep the reservation
  • Participants must weigh less than 260lbs.  If you have recent back, neck and heart problems should check with a doctor before flying.  Prior shoulder dislocations DO NOT FLY!  You won’t get any feeling of motion sickness, nausea, or dropping feeling in your stomach.
  • Individuals with heart conditions cannot fly Virtual Reality.  Parents, please check out recommendations for use of VR here: 

The entire iFLY flyer experience takes approx. 2 hours from start to finish, package include 2 flights or 3 flights including VR.
  1. TRAINING: Your flight instructor is trained and certified by the IBA (International Bodyflight Association) – he or she is happy to address any questions or concerns about flying or the sport of body flight!  You will learn proper body positioning and hand signals used by our instructors to guide your flight. Remember: Relax and have fun!
  2. GEAR UP - Includes flight suit, helmet, goggles, ear plugs and helmet
  3. FLYING: Your instructor will lead you into the Flight Chamber and assist you while entering, flying, and exiting. Remember what you learned during training to help achieve proper technique. Once you nail the basics, the wind tunnel can become your playground.
  4. Add a Virtual Reality experience to the flight package - Fly with Dragons!  The latest immersive experience from iFLY combines virtual reality technology with the world’s favorite dragons from the movie, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. 

Submit completed paperwork to the Activity Coordinator at the beginning of the troop meetings.
  1. Print and sign the iFLY Activity Consent Form
  2. Check for $53 or $88 payable to "BSA Troop 33"
  3. Save time by completing the online waiver in advance (CA - SF Bay): Click Here

What to Wear

  • Class B Uniform, flight suit will go on over your clothes.
  • Well-fitting, lace-up sneakers, or running shoes. Other shoes are not suitable.


9:00am - Meet at LAUMC
9:10 - Drive to iFLY - travel time 40 min
10:00 - Flight Reservation
12:00 - Return to LAUMC


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