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Philmont Shakedown - Sunol to Del Valle - May 8-10, 2020

What: PS - Sunol to Del Valle
When: May 8 - 10, 2020
Who: 2020 Philmont crew
Cost: TBD
Activity Coordinator: Jessica Chang
How:   This activity is not open to the Troop scouts in general.  Philmont scouts are automatically registered for this activity.


This is a 19.5 mile, 6,000' elevation gain, 3-day, 2-night shakedown designed to give crew members a taste of longer distances, elevation gain/loss, and a multi-night trip.  Ask any Troop 33 Scout who has been to Philmont about this shakedown and they will tell you it was really hard but was a perfect test of whether they were ready for Philmont or not.  If you can survive Saturday at Sunol, you can survive any single day at Philmont.

NOTE: This is a point-to-point hike, we need driver to drop-off at Sunol on Friday and pick up at Del Valle on Sunday (TBD).

Agenda (To be Finalized)

Friday - May 8th

  • 3:45pm - Meet at LAUMC
  • 4:00pm - Depart for Sunol Regional Wilderness Visitor Center
  • 5:15pm - Arrive SRW Visitor Center
  • 5:30pm - Hit the trail
  • 7:30pm - Arrive at camp

Saturday - May 9th
  • 6:30am - Wake up
  • 8:00am - Start hiking
  • 12:00pm - Lunch
  • 1:00pm - Continue hiking
  • 4:00pm - Arrive in camp
  • 5:00pm - Dinner

Sunday - May 10th

  • 1:30pm - Pickup Del Valle Regional Park, Family Campground Entrance (South end)
  • 2:00pm - Depart for LAUMC (~45 miles)
  • 3:00pm - Arrive LAUMC