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Subject Start Date End Date Location SIC SMIC Activity Coordinator
Switzerland Hut Hiking 07/28/18 08/10/18 Switzerland National Park Mattie Coolen Brian Mellea
Camping and Hiking - Yosemite 09/01/18 09/03/18 Yosemite Peter Monaco David Louie

Past Activities:
Subject Start Date End Date Location SIC SMIC Activity Coordinator
First Year Orienteering - Bedwell Park 08/27/17 08/27/17 Bedwell Bayfront Park, Menlo Park Troop Guides Tom Poppitz
Camping and Hiking - Yosemite 09/02/17 09/04/17 Yosemite Justin Cai Peter Monaco Amy Mendenhall
PACSKY Shooting Sports 09/15/17 09/17/17 Cutter Scout Reservation John Vastano, Lara Vastano
Wilderness Survival Overnight 09/23/17 09/24/17 Boulder Creek Scout Reservation Brian Mellea Jian Li
LAUMC Compassion Week 10/02/17 10/08/17 Lisa Chung
Gold Rush Adventure! 10/06/17 10/08/17 Boulder Creek Scout Reservation Jack Crane Tom Poppitz Jeanne Schmitt
Zip Lining 10/21/17 10/21/17 Mt. Herman Brian Mellea Zoe Hu
Go-Karting 10/29/17 10/29/17 Adam Braun
Troop 33 Merit Badge Rally 10/24/17 10/24/17 Craig Pampeyan Julie Showalter
Trail to First Class (Council) 11/03/17 11/05/17 Cutter Scout Reservation Tom Poppitz Leslie Becker
Troop 33 Merit Badge Rally 11/07/17 11/07/17 LAUMC - Creekside Craig Pampeyan Julie Showalter
Tamarancho Mountain Biking 11/10/17 11/12/17 Brian Mellea Jessica Chang
Scouting for Food Door Hanger Drop-Off 11/04/17 11/04/17 Los Altos, CA Nikolas Gibson Chris Webb Lin Jing
Wreath Sales 11/08/17 11/26/17 Alan Cyron
Troop 33 Merit Badge Rally 11/14/17 11/14/17 LAUMC - Creekside Craig Pampeyan Julie Showalter
Scouting for Food Pick-Up 11/11/17 11/11/17 Los Altos, CA Andrew Fu Doug MacLeod Lin Jing
Beginner-Intermediate Backpacking - Cancelled 11/18/17 11/19/17 Pescadero Creek Park Austin Townsend Chris Webb Lin Jing
Planet Granite 12/05/17 12/05/17 Sunnyvale Ben Tice Brian Mellea Lance Pham
Service Project - Salvation Army 12/09/17 12/09/17 Austin Townsend Alan Cyron Karen Townsend
Cooking Merit Badge 01/06/18 01/06/18 TBD
San Diego MLK Trip 01/13/18 01/15/18 Jack Crane Peter Stanley Jessica Chang
Cooking Merit Badge 01/20/18 01/20/18 TBD
Salvation Army Service 01/27/18 01/27/18 Chris Webb Alan Cyron
Girl Scout Cookie Distribution 01/28/18 01/28/18 Almond Elementary Chris Webb
The Boulder Creek Experience (was First Class Skills) 02/03/18 02/04/18 Boulder Creek Troop Guides Tom Poppitz Leslie Becker
Scout Sunday 02/11/18 02/11/18 LAUMC - Sanctuary Kimberly Carahasen
First Year Day Hike 03/18/18 03/18/18 La Honda Open Space Troop Guides Tom Poppitz Leslie Becker
Philmont Shakedown Hike 03/18/18 03/18/18 La Honda Open Space Peter Stanley Stephanie Schachter
First Year Campout 03/24/18 03/25/18 Boulder Creek Troop Guides Tom Poppitz Leslie Becker
Camporee (CSR) 04/06/18 04/08/18 Cameron Oates Prachi Dandekar
Waterman Shakedown 04/21/18 04/22/18 Castle Rock State park Peter Stanley
Rifle Shooting Merit Badge 04/29/18 04/29/18 Boulder Creek Scout Reservation Brent Browning Brent Browning
White Water Rafting 05/04/18 05/06/18 American River Brian Mellea Lance Pham
Henry Coe Shakedown 05/04/18 05/06/18 Henry Coe State Park Peter Stanley
Arastradero Mountain Bike Ride Monte Bello Prep 05/13/18 05/13/18 Shiv Krishnan
Monte Bello Mountain Bike Ride - In Lieu of Troop Meeting 05/15/18 05/15/18 Monte Bello Open Space Preserve Jessica Chang
LAUMC - Rummage Sale Week 05/19/18 05/20/18
Beach Camping 05/18/18 05/20/18 Sweetwood - HMB Brian Mellea June Zhu
Sunol to Del Valle Shakedown Hike 05/18/18 05/20/18 Sunol Regional Wilderness / Ohlone Regional Wilderness Peter Stanley Julie Crane
Memorial Day Flag Placement 05/26/18 05/26/18 Golden Gate National Veterans Cemetery, San Bruno, CA Jessica Chang
First Year Swimming 05/27/18 05/27/18 Tom Poppitz Amy Mendenhall
Court of Honor - Desserts Only 06/05/18 06/05/18 LAUMC - Creekside BenTice Chris Webb Caroline Tice
Black Mountain Shakedown Hike 06/09/18 06/09/18 Rancho San Antonio Parking Lot Chris Webb Peter Stanley
Philmont 2018 - Cancelled due to fire 06/12/18 06/25/18 Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, NM Peter Stanley
Camp Whitsett - Philmont Makeup 06/17/18 06/17/18 Camp Whitsett, Forest Rte 22S82, Kernville, CA 93238, USA Peter Stanley
Swimming Marit Badge 06/24/18 06/24/18 Woodland Vista Swim and Racquet Club Cameron Oates Shiv Krishnan
Camp Oljato 07/08/18 07/14/18 Radhika Sarin
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