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Activity Coordination

In Troop33, Activity Coordinators are parents who work with the scoutmaster in charge of an activity to plan the activity, collect payments, and make sure the activity happens as smoothly as possible.  They free up the Scoutmasters/ASMs from worrying about the logistics, so they can put more focus on the scouts.  Depending on the needs of the activity, Activity Coordinators could plan the budget for the activity, determine activity schedule, make reservations, fill out a webpage with details about the activity, manage signups of scouts and adults for the activity, collect money for the activity, etc.  Activity Coordinators are a vital part of making troop activities work, so please sign up to help!

Activity Coordination Signup

To signup to be an activity coordinator for an activity, perform the following steps (please read all steps prior to clicking the link):
  1. Click the link below to open the spreadsheet.
  2. Find the activity you'd like to signup for.
  3. Add your name under the "Activity Coordinator" column. 
  4. Be sure to enter your email and phone number under the Activity Coordinator columns.
  5. Hit return or click the down arrow key.
  6. Changes will be saved automatically.
Link to Spreadsheet to edit to signup:   Click Here.

Activity Coordination
  1. The first step for any Activity Coordinator is to communicate with the Scoutmaster/ASM who will work with you to plan the activity--typically this is the Scoutmaster in Charge.  During this communication, you should work out who will be planning the schedule, what needs to be done, where the information for the webpage will come from, and how you'll determine a budget.  If we've done the activity in the past, you can cut and paste information from a previous year's activity web page to get a head start.
  2. If you are a new Activity Coordinator, you’ll need to request "coordinators" permissions to modify the Troop 33 website by emailing our Webmaster, Sunil Gangaram,
  3. For information about how to organize the details of your event (other than the sign up form and web page) please see: 


  4. Once you have permission, you can go this web page for information on how to create your activity web page and signup form:   
    Activity Creation
  5. This page has information about the links for generated activity web pages, forms, and spreadsheets (permission is also required to access):
    Activity Cross Reference
Hint: To print this page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Print Page" link.