Activity Creation

Steps to create a web page and signup form for an activity:                                                            


To print this page, scroll to the bottom of 
the page and click the "Print Page" link.
  1. Look up the AID, or Activity Identification, in this table:   Activity IDs

  2. The first step to create a web page and accept signups is to fill out this Google App form for activity coordination.  You will use the AID you found above when you fill out the form.
    Filling out this form will do 3 things: (1) create a web page for you to edit, (2) create a signup form, and (3) create a spreadsheet for tracking signups.

    Here's the link to create a new activity:  Create Activity

    PLEASE NOTE:  Even if you've done activity coordination before and think you don't need the automated form, please use it!
                                 (The automated form provides new features, ensures consistency, and helps the webmaster.)

  3. After you have filled out the form and its done its work, you'll want to see its results:

    1. The form results will show up on this page:   Activity Cross Reference

    2. If the script was able to successfully generate an activity framework, the above web page will
      list the activity name followed by links for the Forms, Spreadsheet and Web Page
    3. Typically it takes 1-10 minutes for this processing to happen and the page to be updated.
      However, it could take 30+ minutes (Sometimes it takes as long as 1.5 hours).  
      If the row for your activity isn't there when you first visit the page, be sure to reload the
      web page periodically using your browser's reload function.
    4. Some errors are caught by the script and will show up at the bottom of the cross reference page.
    5. Other errors will cause the script to fail silently.  If you've gone over 60 minutes and you don't see your
      activity row in the cross reference page, please email the webmaster, Curtis McAllister.

  4. Next you'll want to add the spreadsheet and form documents to your Google Drive for easy access later:
    1. Look at the row for your activity in the cross reference web page.
    2. Skip over the cell labelled "Form for Responses" and keep moving to the right.
    3. Click on on the "Form for Editting" link to open the form.
    4. In the new page that opens, they'll be a folder icoČ in the top center of the page.
    5. Click on the folder icon and select the folder to move the form to.  If you have no folders, just select "My Drive".
    6. Going back to the cross reference page, do the same thing for the spreadsheet link.
    7. Optional:  At this point, if you need to, you can edit the auto-generated form.  See the "Form Mods" section below.

  5. Customize your new activity web page content with information describing your spectific activity.
      1. Look at the row for your activity and click on the "Web Page" link to take you to your new web page.
      2. Click on the pencil shaped icon on the top right hand corner of the page to edit the page.

      3. At this point you are in a WYSIWYG editor (similar to MS Word or an email program).  
        You can use bold, italics, underline, numbered lists, bullet lists, images, and more.
      4. You can see previous year's activity pages with these links:  2014  2015  2016  2017  2018  2019
        If you find a similar page, you can cut and paste items into your new page--plagiarism is encouraged!
      5. The web page should be an online flyer:
          i.      Include the dates in the title (Month Days, Year)
         ii.      What – briefly describe the activity
        iii.      Where – description of there the activity will take place
        iv.      Who – all scouts, main troop only, first years only?
         v.      How – type “Click here to sign-up” (we will connect this up later)
        vi.       What – include any details for the outing include an agenda
      6. Click “Save” (Google will auto-save your edits periodically!)

  6. Check to be sure the Activity Page is linked to your new web page.
      1. Wait overnight after you've generated your activity.  (The Activity page is only updated between 4 and 5 A.M.)
      2. Visit
      3. Your activity should be listed.  When you click on the name of the event, it should be a link that that will take you to the web page for the activity that you just created.
      4. If this doesn't look right, email Curtis McAllister ( to have him figure out what happened.

  7. Congratulations! You've now successfully posted your activity on the web site.

  8. You'll still need to promote your activity via the newsletter blast.  Contact Sundeep Gupta prior to 5 PM on Sunday to have your activity included in that week's email blast.

  9. To quickly see who's signed up, you can go to the Activity web page.  To see more detail, however, you can open your activity spreadsheet.  If you did step 4, above, then you can just go to your Google Drive at  When you open your Google Drive, you'll see there's both a spreadsheet and a form.  You will usually want to only use the spreadsheet.
             Note:  If you weren't able to see your spreadsheet on your Google Drive page, you can always find
                        your spreadsheet in the table on this page:   Activity Cross Reference 

  10. Have a fun and safe activity!

Form Mods

  • This will not be needed in most cases,  However, in some cases, it will be necessary to edit the automatically created form to ask for additional information from the scouts or adults.
  • If you edit the forms, please keep the following guidelines in mind:
    • Page 1 of the for is identifying information about the person--It should not be changed!
    • Page 2 is for Scout information.  If you want to ask an additional question that only applies to scouts, it should be added to the bottom of Page 2.
    • Page 3 is for Adult information.  If you want to ask an additional question that only applies to adults, it should be added to the bottom of Page 3.
    • Page 4 is the closing and final page.  If you want to ask an additional question that applies to both scouts and adults, it should be added to Page 4.
  • At the top of the form are the "Form Settings" section.  It looks like this:
  • Form Settings
    • Require BSA Troop 33 login to view this form
    • Automatically collect respondent's BSA Troop 33 username
    • Show progress bar at the bottom of form pages
    • The top box "Require BSA Troop33 login ....." should not be checked.  Checking it will prevent everyone from accessing the form.
  • If you don't want people to be able to sign up until a specific time, you can click on the "Accepting Responses" button at the top of the form to not accept responses until you're ready.  When you want to start accepting, you click the same button which would be labelled "Not Accepting Responses".

Handy Tips

  • Upload images to make your page look better!
    • Save an image to your local computer (links will not work with our SSL pages)
    • Select “Insert => Image” from the toolbar
    • Click “Choose File” and navigate to the image on your local computer
    • Click “OK”
  • NOTE! If you try link to off-site images users will have problems seeing the images from their browser—you need to upload the images to the web site using the procedure above to have reliable image display. 
  • To resize images and remove links
    • Click on image then click “M” (Medium)
    • Click on image then click “Remove” to remove link to full-size image
    • No need to hyperlink to a larger image for a page like this:

  • To make a person's name link to their email on a web page:
    • Select name of Scout, Scoutmaster, and/or Coordinator
    • Click on “Link” then “Web address”
    • Enter “” (replace with the person's email address)

  • Test your links 
    • If you created any links, make sure to test them by clicking on them! 
    • Make sure they go to the correct location