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Boy Scouts of America provides a program for young people that builds character, trains in responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness.  The next few months will be very hectic (and a ton of fun) for your boys as they get to know several Boy Scout troops and attend many activities.

What is Troop 33?

  • Our troop was chartered in 1952. We have around 120 registered boys and about 70 are at any given weekly meeting.
  • We meet at the Los Altos United Methodist Church, Creekside Center, Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00pm.
  • Troop 33 is all about having fun while following the Aims & Methods of Scouting within a supportive parent community.
  • The troop goes on 9-10 campouts a year (one a month during the school year) with 1-2 high adventure trips in the summer (usually Philmont or Northern Tier).
  • We offer 2 weeks of summer camp each summer; one in-council (Oljato) and one out-of-council (usually Emerald Bay or Wente)
  • We have an impressive offering of service projects, activities, and outings and we have an active high adventure program.
  • We have over 50 very engaged parents - the willingness to volunteer is one of our key requirements of all new scout parent/guardian. We have also learned that when parents are engaged their sons also tend to go further and get more out of Scouting.
  • As a first year member, my main observation about this troop was its non-stop level of engagement and enthusiasm from the boys, the leadership and the parents. Each party seems to motivate the others to move the bar ever higher. 

What is the recruitment process?

  • We recruit 24 new scouts each year. We have learned over the years that 24 is optimal size for us to run an effective First Year Program. 
  • We will accept Scouts on a first come first serve basis. Your spot is reserved once we have received all items on the checklist below.
  • You may wish to review the forms earlier but our order of application is based on timestamps of completed online forms and email of the scanned paper documents after the application start date.  
  • Prior to recruiting we stress to the boys and parents the importance of engaging and volunteering after joining Troop 33. 

What is the First Year Program?

  • We have a great first year program focusing on the Trail to First Class that runs from March-to-March.
  • Scouts have the opportunity to be guided and advance through TenderfootSecond Class, to First Class ranks.
  • We have scoutmasters dedicated to this program along with youth leadership (Troop Guides) to teach and test.
  • This multi-layered program offers the chance for new scouts to learn from older scouts who are learning leadership at the same time.
  • First year scouts meet separately from the main troop for skills training and testing and also meet with the main troop.
  • We have dedicated first year activities and first year scouts join the main troop on most outings and activities.

Important Dates

NOTE: We welcome Webelos to sit in on any of our Tuesday meetings. Impromptu visits are also great if you don’t get a chance to meet the troop at any of the other opportunities listed above. If you do plan to attend, please give a heads-up to Caroline Tice & Bassam Khan.

Application Instructions

  • Troop 33 application process is a combination of online forms and paper forms. The latter must be scanned and emailed (to both the email addresses above) in order to complete your application. Also please turn those in physically as soon as possible afterwards. Let us know if you don’t have access to a scanner.
  • Acceptance into the troop is on a first-come-first-serve basis, as determined by a completed application. See checklist below.
  • Please submit your application only when all the parts are completed. You will be notified within 48 hours whether your application was complete and your son was accepted into Troop 33, or what part(s) still need to be completed. When the application is complete you will also see which spot (1 thru 24) your son is in, and will hopefully get his den/buddies to complete their applications. Beyond the 24 we will begin a waiting list and get back to you within a couple of weeks.

Application Checklist

Make sure your son meets the age requirements. He must be 11 years old OR have completed the fifth grade OR earned the Arrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old.  A completed application needs to have every part of this checklist done, other than the asterisks. 

  BSA Adult Application (click here)
  •  Page 4 signed (Disclosure/Authorization Form)
  •  Page 5 filled out (adult basic info)
  •  Page 5 questions (experience, references, questions)
  •  Page 5 signed (verify and authorize background check)
  •  Make 4 copies of page 5
  •  Completed, scanned and emailed this form
  •  Turned in the actual form*
  Troop 33 Adult Form (click here)
  •  Need at least 1 parent per family
  •  Emailed PDF of Youth Protection Training cert.
  •  Scanned and emailed Parts A & B of the medical form
  •  Scanned and emailed health insurance card (both sides)
  Troop 33 Parent Survey (click here)
  BSA Youth Application (click here)
  •  Completed, scanned and emailed this form
  •  Turned in the actual form*
  Check to "BSA Troop 33" for $120.00
  •  Scanned and emailed check
  •  Turned in physical check*
  BSA Health and Medical Record (click here) **
  •  Scanned and emailed form
  •  Scanned and emailed insurance card (both sides)
  •  Turned in the actual form*
  Check to "BSA" for Fair Share for $185 (recommended)
  •  Scanned and emailed check
  •  Turned in physical check*
  Troop 33 Scout Form (click here)
  Meet and Greet with a Troop 33 leader***

* Please submit these items as soon as possible after you receive confirmation that your application is complete

** Parts A & B are required before going on any activity.  Part C is required before attending any activity > 72 hours (i.e. summer camp)

***  We like to spend a few minutes with scouts and parents who are considering joining our troop.  Meet and Greet can be at any of the events listed above, or at an impromptu Tuesday night meeting.

We are sure you will benefit greatly from Scouting, whether you end up joining Troop 33 or any of the other extraordinary troops in our area. 


Caroline TiceJulie Crane & Bassam Khan, Recruiting Coordinators
Brent Browning, Scoutmaster
Alan Cyron, Committee Chair