New Leadership

 Scout Leadership   
 Senior Patrol:  Patrol  Advisor:
 Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)            Daniel Caseras XXX-XXX-XXXX Jon Meyer
 Assistant SPL          (ASPL)   Jon Meyer
 Assistant SPL          (ASPL)   
 Assistant SPL          (ASPL)   
 Assistant SPL          (ASPL)   
 SPL Appointed Positions:   Patrol  Advisor:
 Bugler   Jon Meyer
 Chaplain's Aide   
 OA Rep   
 Outdoor Ethics Guide   
 Patrols -- Main Troop     Patrol Leader:   Patrol  Advisor:
 Riot Patrol     Lucas Bergendahl  Tom Poppitz
 Lazy Llamas Abhishek Dandekar  Louie Daltchev
 Sea Monkeys Chaitanya Sarin  Adam Braun
 Bread Patrol Avery Chin  Cameron Oates
 Red Bulls Zack Meyer  Dieter Vook
 Navy Foxes         Sam Hitzinger  Adam Braun
 Adult Leadership:   
 Uniformed Leaders:   Speciality
 Scoutmaster Jon Meyer  
 Scoutmaster  Tom Poppitz 650-948-9778 
 Assistant Scoutmaster(ASM) Ron Gross  First Year Director
 Assistant Scoutmaster(ASM) Adam Braun  Patrol Advisor
 Assistant Scoutmaster(ASM) Brent Browning  Shooting Sports
 Junior ASM                 (JASM) Charlie Crane  First Year Help

 See committee page for committee members, contact info, and information.

 Legend: Black color for scouts and blue color for adults.