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Camp Emerald Bay Trip Report

posted Aug 2, 2013, 10:02 AM by David McAllister

        From Sunday June 16 to Saturday June 22, a total of 36 scouts and 5 adults woke up at 3:00 in the morning. They then traveled to Catalina Island, home of the renowned Camp Emerald Bay. Scouts saw many beautiful ocean views, creatures, and scenery. Our troop participated in many activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and cycling. Some even made their own shelter and endured the night in it for the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge. However, for a lot of people, the highlight of the activities was the War Canoe, a one mile, 8 person canoe trip along the coast of Catalina Island to a landing called Parsons Beach. The trip was mostly composed of scouts and scoutmaster whom had never been to Emerald Bay or Catalina Island. Another popular event was Aquacade, an event where scouts participated in all sorts of competitions at the waterfront such as Caterpillar Race, Scoutmaster Crossing the Delaware, Sand Castle Building, and Scoutmaster Bellyflop. A lot of scouts tried scuba diving or snorkeling for the first time and were pleasantly surprised with Catalina's underwater habitats. Also, almost every night there was a night campfire or event that every troop could enjoy together. Some were run by the scouts, some by the dedicated staff. A character that became very popular amongst the scouts was toga-man. Emerald Bay was a very memorable trip and I am sure will lead many scouts to want to come again.

        -Written By Kevin Kafayi

        -Edited and Revised By David McAllister