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Camp Oljato 2012

posted Jul 29, 2012, 8:38 PM by Brent Browning

Another awesome year at Camp Oljato!

We had quite a busy time at one of the largest weeks with over 380 scouts in camp.  This meant a split schedule for eating in two shifts.  This change was a challenge but a Scout Is...  Flexible!  No one went hungry and the food was good and plentiful. 

The staff was good as always young, engaged, and energetic.  Our scouts really connected with a large number of the counselors who ended up eating many meals with us because they liked the boys so much.

A few statistics:

  • 48 scouts and 8 adults
  • 57 merit badges competed
  • 5 new Tenderfoot scouts
  • 1 new Second Class scout
  • 23 scouts took Skills Patrol
  • 3 scouts (2 first years!) completed Mile Swim!
  • Tribe of Oljato
    • 27 Brave (first year)
    • 14 Warrior (second year)
    • 11 Medicine Man (third year)
    • 2 Chief (fourth year)
    • 1 Tribal Council
  • Olympicade results
    • 1st place Jenga Madness (29"!)
    • 1st place Fishing Derby (16")
    • 3rd place Pentathlon

William Bassett, our SPL, and his ASPLs Ashwin Krishna and Josh Hantke did a good job of leading our troop and making sure everything went smoothly and everyone was informed and on time.

We had an amazing adult team this year.  I would like to thank ASMs Alan Carr, Blair Narog, Chris Webb, and Mattie Coolen and adult volunteers Tom Biesty, Mark Drummond, and Zoltan Kiss.  I enjoyed spending a week in the mountains working with these guys to keep our scouts happy and safe.  All are amazing men and we were so very fortunate to have had their valuable time for a week.

None of this would be possible without all the help from our committee.  Thanks to Ann Reid for all the health form wrangling we sailed through health checks.  Thanks to Dan McEntee for making all out payments on time.  And thanks in advance to Kathy Przywara for recording all the advancements and awards.

A very special thank you to Janet Kolstad as our activity coordinator for this oversized activity.  She spent countless hours taking sign ups, coordinating classes (many times for some), accommodating last minute additions, t-shirt sizes, council payments, and wrangling our Google Doc spreadsheet.

I want to also recognize ASM Alan Carr.  A year ago when no one else would step up to lead our trip to Camp Oljato he volunteered to take it on for the troop.  Neither of his sons went to camp but he wanted to make sure all your sons had a chance to go this summer.  His initiative allowed this all to happen.  It turned out that my schedule allowed me to attend as well and by then everything was lined up and I just had to show up.  Thank you Alan!

On behalf of all 48 families, thank you Alan and Janet!

Less than 4 weeks left in the summer, enjoy it while it lasts.