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Cycling - May, 2012

posted Jun 13, 2012, 6:26 PM by Brent Browning   [ updated Jun 13, 2012, 6:31 PM ]
By Jack Monaco
Troop Historian

The main troop has been hard at work on several bike rides for the past two meetings. In preparation the troop conducted bike checks and several training rides to make sure everyone would be ready for the rides.

On May 8, the troop left for a cycling activity on route to Carvels Ice Cream. The first years stayed at the church to work on their skills, the main troop left the LAUMC quickly in four groups; each led by a member of the senior patrol. We arrived at Carvels around eight o’clock and had some time to eat ice cream and hang out with friends. We left in the dark but made it home without any casualties. All in all it was a fun and safe trip.
Our small ice cream adventure was just gearing up for what the troop did next week on May the 14th.
About 20 scouts, three first-years, and many adults and scout leaders drove up to the Monto Bello trail for a night of mountain biking. We departed in three groups to ride this trail that was chock-full of creeks, gravel, slopes, climbs, and lots of fun. Soon into the ride a scout went down and we were forced to join groups two and three so we could leave some adults behind to help the injured boy. Luckily, that was our only big crash and we continued the rest of the ride with high spirits. We all made it safely to the road and cruised downhill for a while till we reached the campsite. A well-earned dinner of pizza and cookies was waiting for us, I am pretty sure most everyone enjoyed this great night of mountain biking.