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OA Election Results and Info

posted Mar 13, 2013, 4:40 PM by Brent Browning   [ updated Mar 13, 2013, 4:41 PM ]
Congratulations to the ten very deserving scouts who were elected by their fellow Troop 33 scouts to the Order of the Arrow, the BSA National Honor Society: 

  • Alex Barnes 
  • Ryan Biesty 
  • Jeremy Binkley 
  • Tom Gabrielson 
  • Kai Jarmon 
  • Noah Jarvis 
  • Brandon Le 
  • Jack Monaco 
  • Zachary Ottoes 
  • Justin Yun 
Many thanks to the Ohlone Lodge Ceremony Team, Caelan Conant, Tim Cyron, Teddy Heidmann, and John Wilken for conducting the Call-Out Ceremony at the Troop 33 meeting last night, and to Chas Wilken and Andrew Aguilar for assisting the team. These young men exemplify the "Brotherhood of Cheerful Service." 

Candidate next steps: 
To take their first step toward membership in the Order of the Arrow, these ten candidates must complete an Ordeal within one year of their election. The Pacific Skyline Council Ohlone Lodge offers two opportunities in the next 12 months to complete an Ordeal: April 12-14 and October 25-27. After ten months as an Ordeal member, an Arrowman may obtain full membership in the Order of the Arrow by completing the Brotherhood requirements and ceremony.

Troop Leadership: 
Andrew Aguilar, Troop 33 OA Representative, will keep Troop 33 Order of the Arrow candidates and members informed about upcoming Ohlone Lodge Order of the Arrow events, including Ordeals. Dean Wilken, Troop 33 OA Representative Adviser, will arrange transportation to and from local Order of the Arrow events and promote Regional and National Order of the Arrow events and opportunities. 

Troop website: 
You can find more information about the Order of the Arrow at the Troop 33 website, including eligibility and membership, current Troop 33 members, and the Troop 33 Leadership Honor Roll:

How can I become an Order of the Arrow candidate?
Nineteen scouts approved as eligible by Scoutmaster Mr. Browning were not elected. I am sure some of them are very disappointed. My advice to these scouts and others who wish to be elected to the Order of the Arrow is 1) stay active-especially camping and service projects, and 2) befriend your fellow scouts at every opportunity-remember a scout is "helpful," "friendly," and "kind." I have observed that Scouts, who remain active as campers, serve, and reach out to scouts in positive ways, are eventually elected to the Order of the Arrow. The next election is in February 2014.

Yours in cheerful service, 
Dean Wilken 
ttrooTroop 33 ASM and OA Representative Adviser