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Point Reyes - May, 2012

posted Jun 13, 2012, 6:07 PM by Brent Browning   [ updated Jun 13, 2012, 6:12 PM ]

By Jack Monaco
Troop Historian

On May 19 through 20th, thirteen boys and five adults had the pleasure of taking a beautiful backpacking trip along the coast of Point Reyes. Early on Saturday, the team met at the church so we could weigh packs, distribute food, etc. We left quickly though so we could make to two-hour drive in good time. At Point Reyes we distributed tents and got an early start on the trail at 9:45.

The hike was a beautiful one. Most of it was right along the coast and I’m sure most of us would agree: it was fairly pleasant. It was still a hard hike: 5.6 miles in and mostly uphill. We reached our campsite at one o’clock. Our campsite is a very popular one, right between the hills and 30 seconds walk from the beach. After lunch we took advantage of this and spent an hour or so playing three–flags-up, ultimate, and football. Dinner was a choice of freeze-dried chicken teriyaki, freeze-dried lasagna, or freeze-dried beef stew. I was skeptical at first but I eventually learned to like freeze-dried food because, that teriyaki was really good.

We went down to the beach after that and Tom Gabrielson decided to organize a game of ultimate between the adults, and the boys. Though only some of the boys played, we still beat them 2-0. By then Mr. Mayer had set up a campfire (we had been dumb enough to pack in firewood) and we enjoyed the beautiful summer night on the beach. Many jokes (and anti jokes for that matter) were exchanged until ten o’clock when we decided to turn in.

Wake-up was at 7:00 but everyone was up by 7:30. After another freeze-dried meal, it was, unfortunately, time to break camp. We took our tents down and did a camp sweep. It looked good, and we left for a 5.5-mile hike back. We completed quicker than on Saturday and were back at the cars in three hours, where a lunch of sandwiches, chips, and fruit was waiting. 

This was a great trip if you just wanted a good intro to backpacking and only had a weekend to do so. It was also great for wildlife. We saw a frog, a slug, a centipede, lots of gophers, eagles, seabirds, deer, a dead fish named Jared, a dead mouse named Jared number 2, a live mouse, a big black beetle, and more bugs than desirable. If given the chance I would definitely do this trip again. It was beautiful, not-too-hard, and lots of fun.