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San Diego- MLK Trip

posted Feb 2, 2014, 1:33 PM by Drishaan Jain

At 4:00 in the morning January 18, 2014, 40 tired scouts headed to the airport to catch a flight in San Diego. The flight left at 6:00 and landed around 7:30. Immediately, after claiming their bags, they hiked out of the airport for a three mile journey to the USS Midway, (with some very interesting encounters along the way) where they would sleep that night. They dropped their bags on the aircraft carrier and then proceeded to walk to the Petco Park baseball stadium. Along the way the scouts stopped for lunch at a small park and enjoyed a view of the bay where numerous ships were parked. When they reached the stadium the scouts were met by four tour guides and split into two separate groups for a full private tour of the stadium. This included visiting the restaurant, field, and the reporters outlook. After their marvelous tour, they took a break to play baseball at the park just outside of the stadium. They then returned to the Midway for dinner and a nightly tour of the carrier with four other cub packs and one other boy scout troop. They visited areas of the ship not open to the public with dark passageways deep down in the bowels of the ship. After their tour the scouts hunkered down in their bunks to sleep.

They were awakened at 0600 hours and after a lot of hitting heads (head clearances are very tight aboard an aircraft carrier) they finally packed up and toured the top deck of the ship. With backpacks on their back, the boys headed for the Hostel in Gaslamp District. They dropped their packs and hiked for the San Diego Zoo for a wonderful private tour and the chance to get up close with the giraffes. The Scouts then had lunch and the opportunity to visit either The Air and Space Museum, or spend more time at the zoo. After an hour and a half of free time the scouts walked back to the hostel for some R and R before dinner and a special ceremony in honor of Martin Luther King. After dinner the group headed to the theater were scouts had the chance to watch one of three movies, Anchorman 2, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Lights out were at ten o’clock for the tired scouts when they walked back to the hostel.

It was a quick morning for the scouts as they had to pack up fast to head out early at around 7:00. Their destination was the Star of India (the oldest active boat),a Russian Submarine, and the first steamboat to be built in the west. The boys split into two groups, one toured the submarine and steamboat, and the other toured the Star of India and had the chance to lower and raise the sail. After their great tour, the scouts headed back to the airport where they caught a flight at about 2:00. They arrived home at 3:15 and left the airport around 3:45. This was a great trip for the 40 boys and the adults that went.