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Scoutmaster update - September 17, 2012

posted Sep 17, 2012, 1:11 AM by Brent Browning   [ updated Sep 17, 2012, 1:18 AM ]
Another active weekend for Troop 33! We had Scouts fishing on the Santa Cruz wharf and orienteering on the Bayfront. It sounds like both activities were successful. Here are a few reminders for this coming week.

Tuesday night
Main troop patrols will meet to plan their Rube Goldberg machine entry for next week. Patrol Advisors will hold brief conferences to get to know their new patrol members. First year scouts will work on knots and lashings.

Starting at 8:15pm scouts going to Yosemite will meet to work on menu planning and duty roster assignments.

Board of Review – THIS Tuesday
If you are signed up for the BoR remember to wear your Class A uniform and Be Prepared!

Yosemite Planning – Tuesday @ 9pm
In addition to the Yosemite patrol meetings there will be a planning meeting immediately following the closing. We will try to keep the meeting to 30 minutes so please come prepared to listen and participate.

HELP – Please return ALL tents!
We need a LOT of tents for Yosemite and many two-person tents have not been returned. Please return ALL tents on Tuesday night to our new Quartermaster, Kai Jarmon.

Coyote Creek – 10/13
Signups are open for this fun activity –

Mountain Man Rendezvous – 10/19-21
Signups are open for this perennial favorite –

Coming Soon

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