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T33 Weekly Blast: August 31

posted Aug 31, 2015, 11:57 AM by Sundeep Gupta   [ updated Aug 31, 2015, 11:58 AM ]

Sept 1: Deadline to sign up for Yosemite trip on 11th [link]

Sept 2: Deadline for BoR signup

Sept 8: Mandatory Parents Meeting

Sept 15: BoR

Sept 19: Shotgun shooting

Sept 26: Wilderness survival

Scoutmaster Update

Chris Webb christopherawebb@comcast

Sunday was a deep-sea fishing success!  Peter Stanley, Scoutmaster-in-Charge of the activity, reported that all nine Scouts caught their limit of rock cod (hopefully the adults did as well).  Thanks to Max Raschke for being the Scout-in-Charge and Brenda Frank as the Activity Coordinator.

This year we are participating more with the church for activities and support, and we will be looking at projects during Compassion Week, October 5 – 11.  Projects range from serving breakfast at Glide Memorial in San Francisco, to helping with landscaping and removing non-native evasive weeds at the McClellan Ranch in Cupertino, to cleaning up the creek around the church.  We will be looking for project leaders and Scouts to participate in these activites.  There will be an announcement tomorrow evening and the Troop leadership will be working with the Scouts to sign-up for the various events.  Service hours will be credited for the Scouts.  Also, the Bloodmobile with be at the church on Sunday, October 11 (time to be determined).

Parents – A reminder our Annual Parents Meeting is September 8, starting right after announcements (7:45).  This is for all parents and is where Alan Cyron, Kathleen McGall and I report on the state of the Troop.  Please make time to be at the meeting.

Sept 1 is last day to sign up for Yosemite trip

Camp out and hike in beautiful Yosemite Valley.  Troop 33 has reserved campsites in Upper Pines Campground.  Yosemite is an incredible location with amazing granite walls like El Capitan and Half Dome.  It is a national treasure, and only a few hours away.

Click here for more details or contact Matt Raschke

Activity Coordinator (AC) Signups Are Open

Kathleen McGall

Welcome back! Another exciting year of great activities for Troop 33!

To ensure we can go on all these activities, we need ACs for each activity for the entire year. The link to signups is found at the top of the Activities page or click HERE.  Review the list and sign up early to ensure you can be AC for your first choice!

Being an AC is a great way to fulfill one of your family's volunteer commitments for the troop. As an AC you do not need to participate in the event.

Most urgent needs:

1. We need a new Philmont AC to take over ASAP. If your son is signed up for Philmont 2016, let me know if you can be the AC for this.

2. If you are able, we especially need ACs for the activities scheduled in the first two to three months (see below) or the activity may need to be cancelled.



Wilderness Survival Overnight


7:30 AM




Gold Rush Adventure!


4:00 PM


Alien Invasion


4:00 PM




9:00 AM


3. We need someone to shadow Alan for wreath sales.

Thank you to those who have signed up already!

An AC training class will be held during the Troop meeting on September 22nd.

Please contact Kathleen if you need AC training prior to the class or have any questions. Thank you!

Reminder: Next Board of Review is September 15.  Deadline to sign up is Wednesday, September 2.

Marilyn Stanley

Please check with your patrol advisor and Mrs. Townsend to make sure you are ready for advancement.  Scoutmaster conferences should also be completed prior to requesting a Board of Review.

Please send Marilyn Stanley a note to request a Board of Review at

Parent volunteers are also needed to help with the review on September 15 -- please send me a note if you can help!

Reminder: A call for Den-Chiefs!

Mr Blasing

Scouts, if you've thought of being a Den-Chief, now is best chance to make it happen!  Our local cub scout leaders are starting to make their requests.  Last year, Troop 33 assigned more than 20 scouts to various local Packs.

If you're not familiar with this Position of Responsibility (PoR), the Den Chief is a significant Leadership position.  As Den Chief, you'll be working closely with the local cub scout Dens and Packs, supporting and helping to organize and lead their activities, setting a good example for the younger scouts, and will be an important factor in recruiting new scouts to our Troop.

In general , anyone who meets the following guideline is a candidate for Den Chief:

- A Boy Scout who has been approved by their Scoutmaster to serve as a Den Chief, is 12 years or older, and ideally 1st class rank or higher.  Den Chief Training (either on-line, classroom, or preferably both) is required.

The Den Chief assignment is intended to span the entire school year.  Please note that we generally restrict Den Chief service to Two Terms, maximum.  That gives other scouts an opportunity, and it encourages past Den Chiefs to pursue other PoR positions within the Troop.

If you are interested in being a Den Chief this year, please contact Mr. Blasing (either at the Troop meetings or by email:, to get the ball rolling.  If you were a Den Chief last year, you will need to again receive Scoutmaster approval, and will need to coordinate the assignment through Mr. Blasing.

Reminder: The Troop website is a great resource to help you plan.


Wondering what activities are coming up?  See then click on the links for details and sign-ups!


Want to see the Troop calendar for the next week/month/year?  See

If you have a smart phone you can subscribe to the Troop 33 calendar using ICAL, see instructions at the bottom of the page.


Did you accidentally delete the blast from last week?  See

Ten Essentials

Every Scout knows that there is a list of ten items that should be brought to any outdoor activity.  The BSA now calls it the “Scout Outdoor Essentials” but most know them as the “Ten Essentials”.  Find a list on our website along with handy tips and recommendations.  See

Camping Checklist

Are you wondering what you should pack for the next campout?  Look no farther, we have a detailed checklist based on the Camping merit badge pamphlet.  See

Backpacking Checklist

Headed into the wilderness on a backpacking trip?  We have a checklist for you!  Based on the Philmont summer packing list but slimmed this is a time-tested and proven checklist.  See

Gear Recommendations

Do you have a birthday coming up?  Getting ready for your first campout?  There are several critical pieces of gear that will help you enjoy your outdoor experience.  See

Merit Badge Counselors

Looking for a merit badge counselor?  We are fortunate to have many counselors for Eagle-required and elective merit badges in Troop 33.  See

Merit Badges

Wondering how to fill out a blue card (must be done before you take the merit badge)?  Where to find the requirements?  See

Troop Leadership

Who is your Patrol Advisor?  Who is your Troop Guide?  See

Rank Requirements

Wondering where you can find the rank requirements online?  How about videos that walk you through each Trail to First Class requirement?  See

Uniform and Patches

Wondering what a “Class A” uniform is?  See

Wondering where to sew that patch?  See

Troop Roster

How can I contact my Patrol members?  See

Positions of Responsibility

First Class, Star, and Life Scouts need to serve in a position of responsibility as part of their rank advancement.  For more information about the various positions, their duties, and the “rubric” that explains Troop 33 expectations see

Scoutmaster Conference

Are you ready to advance to the next rank?  First you must have a Scoutmaster Conference with your Patrol Advisor.  He will review everything to make sure you are ready.  See for more details.

Board of Review

Are you ready to advance to the next rank?  After your Scoutmaster Conference you need to contact our Board of Review Coordinator to be scheduled.  See for more details.


PoR?  ASPL?  ILST?  LNT?  PLC?  Confused by all the acronyms?  See

Frequently Asked Questions

At first Boy Scouts might be a bit overwhelming unless you have been exposed to it before.  We put together an “FAQ” in an attempt to help with any confusion.  See

Trail to Eagle

Are you a Life Scout and wondering what is next?  Check out our “Trail to Eagle” section on our website which has a ton of great information to help you through the process.  See

How can I help?

We are a volunteer organization and always need help.  In fact, every family is expected to help in at least two ways.  For more information about the manyvolunteer roles and their responsibilities see

Ten Essentials

Every Scout knows that there is a list of ten items that should be brought to any outdoor activity.  The BSA now calls it the “Scout Outdoor Essentials” but most know them as the “Ten Essentials”.  Find a list on our website along with handy tips and recommendations.  See

For questions on an activity or event, contact the activity owner listed. As an activity owner to have your items included in the T33 Weekly blast, please submit them to Sundeep Gupta by 5 pm Sunday for the following week’s edition.