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T33 Weekly Blast: Jan 23

posted Jan 23, 2017, 8:39 PM by Sundeep Gupta

Jan 28: Trail to First Class

Jan 29: Girl Scouts Cookie Delivery  / Eagle CoH

Feb 12: Scout Sunday

Scoutmaster Update

Chris Webb christopherawebb@comcast

Saturday, 12 Scouts participated in the K1 Speed Go-Karting event.  They had a lot of fun and excitement going fast, making quick turns and passing each other.  Thanks to Ben Tice as the Scout-in-Charge, Charlie Crane as the Scoutmaster-in-Charge and Zoe Hu as the Activity Coordinator.

Also on Saturday, Scouts taking their Cooking merit badge made camping/backpacking meals outside at Brian Mellea’s house.  They are well on their way to completing this merit badge. Special thanks to Brian, Kimberly Dickerson and Laurie Hartford for conducting the merit badge, both at the November MB Rally and the two Saturdays this month.  Your willingness to give your time to our Scouts is much appreciated!

Uniforms and badges of Positions of Responsibility

A large number of Troop 33 Scout’s uniforms are showing the wear and tear of many years use (and abuse!), or no longer fit as the Scout has grown exponentially. For many of the Scouts, this doesn’t bother them as what they wear and how it looks is not a priority to them at this point of their lives.  Parents, please help them with this as a properly fitting uniform not only shows pride in their Scouting career and activities, but is important as they present themselves before Boards of Review.  Also, too many Scouts are still wearing Position of Responsibility badges for positions they no longer hold.  When a Scout ends his duty in a position, the badge must be removed from the uniform, along with the “Trained” tab.  It is not fair to Scouts that have been elected to or selected for these positions to have someone else still wearing the same badge.  Quite a few Scouts have new positions and have not changed out their old badges for their new ones.  So, if you still have an old position badge on your uniform, please remove it as soon as possible.  Technically, you are out of uniform if you are wearing a position badge you do not hold.

This Tuesday

Main Troop continues with its Winter Activities theme and completing sled building.

First Year Program continues works on its Trail-to-First-Class requirements.  A campout has been added to the activities to help the Scouts finish outdoor requirements and get another camping activity completed.  See the Activities link on our web page to sign up.  There will be patrol assignment, meal planning, and gear requirements planning during the meeting.

Reminder: Order of Arrow dues should be paid online

2017 OA dues are due should be paid using the link below. Please make the payment separately using this link:

Reminder: Philmont 2018 Interest Sign-Up is Open

  • Age limit (prior to participation)

    • Scouts must be at least 14 years of age OR

    • Scouts must be at least 13 years of age AND completed 8th grade

    • See Philmont Crew Requirements, requirements cannot be relaxed.

  • Scouts must be First Class or higher by June 1, 2018 (Troop 33 requirement)

  • Must be in top physical condition 

    • Must meet Philmont health/medical requirements

    • Must be able to carry a 30-40lb backpack 5-14 miles a day for 12 days at 6,500'-12,441' over rugged terrain for a total of 50-75 miles

    • Must participate in a physical training program 

  • Must participate in 4 mandatory shakedown outings (1 day hike and 3 backpacking trips) 

  • Must attend all monthly planning meetings 

  • Must meet with Scoutmaster and be approved

NOTE: First-come, first-serve pending Scoutmaster approval.  $100.00 deposit required when signing up.

NOTE: Preference will be given to uniformed adults, the activity coordinator, committee members, and then other adults.

Sign up at this site:

Girl Scout Cookie Delivery Day is Sunday, Jan 29, 7am-12:30pm, Almond School

Mrs Kolstad

Hey folks - Girl Scout Cookie Delivery Day is just around the corner and we NEED your HELP in getting those cookies distributed to the troops who will sell!  This event is at Almond School (Los Altos) this Sunday, January 29th from 7:00 to 1pm!  YES - there will be COOKIES!  NO - there WON’T be rain (yay!)  Check out the details and sign up HERE.  THANKS!


Sign-ups are open for Camp Oljato!

Details here

Dates 7/02/17 - 7/08/17

Cost $500 through March 31; $515 April 1 through June 10.

We have space for 50 Scouts and 6 adults.

Payment schedule.

Payments must be made by these dates to hold your spot. There are no refunds.

January 31, 2017 - deposit $100

March 31, 2017 - balance of camp fees $400 (early bird)

April 1 – June 10, 2017 - $415

Eagle Court of Honor Jan 29

Kimberly Dickerson

Please join us for a very special Eagle Court of Honor to recognize 5 of Troop 33's newest Eagle Scouts, Ryan Biesty, Noah Herman, Kai Jarmon, Anthony Mein, and Matthew Mellea at 3:00 on Sunday, January 29th in the Sanctuary.

Trail to First Class Campout Jan 28,29. Sign ups open.

Tom Poppitz

This year has proved a challenge for Firsties regarding the number of camping trips, in part due to this year's new BSA requirements.  Recognizing that we don't have enough overnight camping trips planned for any of our scouts to achieve First Class status before finishing our Firsties term, we're adding some now.  Please reserve it on your calendar for now, and watch for more details soon.

Trail to First Class Camp Trip

Sat Jan 28th (morning) to Sun 29th (home for lunch)

Boulder Creek Scout Reservation (Cubland site)

Agenda: Arrive Sat morning, lunch, optional 5 mile hike, tailored tasks for others, dinner, camping, breakfast, return before lunch.  

First Year scouts -- all need more camping, and are encouraged to join if possible.  But don't panic if not.  We will attempt to add another camp trip, perhaps in March, but remember that Scouting is a process.  Realistically many (most?) Firsties will graduate into the main Troop in early March before getting their First Class rank, and that's fine!  They will have tackled of the vast majority of the necessary tasks and should just join additional camp trips in the months/years that follow the Firsties program.  More on that topic at our February 7th First Year Transition Briefing (put that on your calendar also!).

Main Troop scouts working towards First Class -- are also encouraged to attend.  Chris Webb and fellow Scoutmasters will start planning so that we can make this a productive trip for you also.  

Trip costs will be modest - perhaps $25 - after camp fees and food costs.

Signup here

Calling all Future Troop Guides!

Scouts,  are you looking to boost your leadership skills and give back to the troop?

Have you been a Den Chief and would like to move up to the next level? Are you looking for a new Position of responsibility?

At the end of March the troop will be getting a bumper crop of first year scouts joining the troop.

Mr. Rutner, Mr. Poppitz and Mr. Stanley need  to find new troop guides for the incoming firsties in 2017.

If you are up for the challenge, contact any of the first year ASM’s

Mr. Tom Poppitz, Mr. Stanley,  Mr. Rutner Ross Rutner

You can also come speak with us during any meeting.

Attention Star Scouts needing EDGE training!

For Star scouts who want to work on their EDGE training, we have a couple of opportunities coming up.  If you are interested, please send me an email and I will place your name on a list.  As spots open up, I will fill those spots with the scouts on the list.

Two opportunities coming up involve navigation (Second class requirement 3a and 3d).  If you are interested in training scouts in these requirements, please send an email to:

The dates are being finalized but should be in mid-January and March.

Jun Kim


A call for Den-Chiefs. Nine positions available!

Mr Blasing

Scouts, if you've thought of being a Den-Chief, now is best chance to make it happen!  Our local cub scout leaders are starting to make their requests.  Last year, Troop 33 assigned more than 20 scouts to various local Packs.

If you're not familiar with this Position of Responsibility (PoR), the Den Chief is a significant Leadership position.  As Den Chief, you'll be working closely with the local cub scout Dens and Packs, supporting and helping to organize and lead their activities, setting a good example for the younger scouts, and will be an important factor in recruiting new scouts to our Troop.

In general , anyone who meets the following guideline is a candidate for Den Chief:

- A Boy Scout who has been approved by their Scoutmaster to serve as a Den Chief, is 12 years or older, and ideally 1st class rank or higher.  Den Chief Training (either on-line, classroom, or preferably both) is required.

The Den Chief assignment is intended to span the entire school year.  Please note that we generally restrict Den Chief service to Two Terms, maximum.  That gives other scouts an opportunity, and it encourages past Den Chiefs to pursue other PoR positions within the Troop.

We still have several more requests for Den Chiefs than candidates.  Our neighboring cub scout Packs continue to reach out to us, because we've built a strong reputation for great Den Chiefs.  Let's not let them down!  If you still need a PoR, please consider helping out your local cub scouts, but signing up to be a Den Chief!

If you are interested in being a Den Chief this year, please contact Mr. Blasing (either at the Troop meetings or by email:, to get the ball rolling.  If you were a Den Chief last year, you will need to again receive Scoutmaster approval, and will need to coordinate the assignment through Mr. Blasing.

For questions on an activity or event, contact the activity owner listed. As an activity owner to have your items included in the T33 Weekly blast, please submit them to Sundeep Gupta by 5 pm Sunday for the following week’s edition.