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T33 Weekly Blast: June 2

posted Jun 2, 2014, 12:18 PM by Sundeep Gupta

June 10 Family Picnic starting at 5:30 pm. Please RSVP (link below)

Scoutmaster Update

Chris Webb

We are winding down the 2013 - 2014 Scouting year, with our last standard Troop meeting this Tuesday, followed with the end-of-the year Family Picnic (sort of) and Court of Honor next Tuesday at the Creekside Room.  

Mr. Browning took his Philmont crew on another conditioning/shakedown hike this past weekend on the  Sunol to Del Valle hike.  This was their last overnight before they go Philmont in June.  Mr. Kim has one more overnight in June before his crew goes to Philmont in July.

There is an Eagle Court of Honor this Sunday, June 8th at the LAUMC Sanctuary.

There are two major changes at Camp Oljato this year, one with how we get to the camp this year (unfortunately, no boats), and the other the new rule about not wearing “logo” t-shirts.  if you’ve not reviewed the orientation slides, please do so using this link:

THIS Tuesday

Main Troop has some activities that the First Year Scouts will join in to participate later in the evening.  First Year Scouts will be finishing up some achievements before joining the main Troop.

Family picnic next week! Please RSVP

Janet Kolstad

Folks, the Troop 33 end of year picnic is just around the corner!  This year’s picnic will be held on Tuesday, June 10th at LAUMC in the Creekside Room (just like our meetings), and begins at 5:30.  The food is provided by the Pasta Market - there will be pasta - both traditional and gluten free, salad, garlic bread and even dessert!  This will be the last Court of Honor before the summer camps!  Don’t miss it - it should be spectacular!  Please RSVP with the link below so that we know how many folks to expect!

Congratulations to these Scouts on passing their Board of Review

Jacqueline Jeffries

We had 37 scouts pass their BoR. Thank you to all BoR volunteers!

Tenderfoot: Andrew Arledge, Joshua Kim, Zachary Kassak, Caleb Holman, Ryan Livengood, Tae Kyu Kim, Paolo Ferrari, Nathaniel Newlund, Zachary Raschke, Evan Fine, Daniel Casares, Robert Stanley, Nicolas Ferrari, Luke Wunderling, Danny Donahue, Jacob Newland, Nathan Hahn, Nathan Hahn, Nitin Kumar, Trevor Stick, Xavier Choo, Ben Faigon, Ameen Qureshi


Second Class: Trent Lawson, Jehan Bhandari

First Class: Cameron Cummins, Peter Arnold, Sandeep Sidhu, Jehan Bhandari, Logan Herman, Darius Kafayi, Andrew Showalter

Star: Max Raschke, Max Drummond

Life: Ben Jeffries

Eagle Palm: Zachary Ottoes

Eagle Palm Gold: Nathaniel Wipfer

The next BoR will be in August and the actual date will be communicated later.

Congratulations to the Philmont 618-T1 crew members who completed the infamous “Sunol to Del Valle” shakedown.

Brent Browning

This was a 22 mile, point-to-point hike with somewhere between 5,000-6,000’ total elevation gain/loss.  We had to change our plans after one of our crew members wasn’t feeling well on Friday.  We doubled back and camped near the trailhead and arranged for a ride home for him in the morning.  We updated the route with a plan to hike ~9 miles on Saturday and ~9-10 miles on Sunday.  When the crew arrived into the prospective camp on Saturday around 2pm they made a decision to push on despite have already climbed nearly 4,000’.   They wanted to get to a nicer campsite and have a shorter day on Sunday in hopes of getting home earlier (and eat lunch at In-N-Out Burger).  This turned Saturday into a 14 mile day which is longer than any day we have planned at Philmont.  We hiked from 7:30am-5:30pm with a 1-hour lunch break.

I don’t think many folks appreciate what all this really means so let me make it a bit more concrete:

  • The Grand Canyon rim-to-rim is 21 miles with a total elevation gain of ~6,000’

  • Yosemite Valley to Half Dome is only 4,800’ elevation gain and typically done as a day hike

  • Mt. Whitney (from Whitney Portal) is 22 miles with a 6,100’ elevation gain

Need more?  Think Stairmaster, on level 7-8, with a 30lb pack, for 10 hours (with breaks)…

Reminder: Signups are now open for the San Francisco Giants game!

We will be going via Cal Train to see the Giants on Sunday, August 17.

We only have 25 tickets, this is a popular event each year so sign up quickly at the following link:

Questions contact Mr. Stanley or Mr. Narog.

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Every Scout knows that there is a list of ten items that should be brought to any outdoor activity.  The BSA now calls it the “Scout Outdoor Essentials” but most know them as the “Ten Essentials”.  Find a list on our website along with handy tips and recommendations.  See

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