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T33 Weekly Blast: Sept 18

posted Sep 18, 2017, 4:26 PM by Sundeep Gupta

Sept 19: MB counselor training class

Spet 23: Wilderness survival overnight

Scoutmaster’s Corner

Chris Webb christopherawebb@comcast

What a glorious weekend at Cutter Scout Reservation for the Pacific Skyline Shooting Sports 11 Scouts attended.  They moved between eight stations that included .22 caliber rifles, muzzle loading black powder rifles, tomahawks, archery, shotguns, wrist rockets and pellet air rifles, plus a conservation project.  Sunday they were able to go to whichever range(s) they wanted to.  The vent was well organized and all the Scouts said they had a great time and would definitely do it again.  Thanks to Zachary Raschke as the Scout-in-Charge, and Jeff DeAngelis as the Scoutmaster-in-Charge.  Big thanks to John Vastano for coordinating the activity and collecting all the forms as the Activity Coordinator.

This whole event would not have been as fun and successful without the unparalleled commitment, organization and execution of our own Brent Browning.  He is the best!  Thank  you so very much for all  you did for this weekend, and all  you do for Troop 33.

Another reminder about uniforms –  Please ensure they wear their Field (Class A) uniform completely and properly at meetings.  The shirts need to be tucked in, and a slide on the neckerchief.  Also, shoes are required.  NO flip-flops or open-toed sandals.  This is not only part of the uniform, but it is for safety reasons as we often are conducting activities at meetings that could possibly injure toes.

Patrol Leader Council (PLC) meets on Tuesday at 6 pm, Room 9, LAUMC for all newly elected and appointed Green Bar Positions of Responsibility.  The Green Bar consists of the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (ASPLs), Patrol Leaders (PLs)  and Troop Guides (TGs).  The scribe is required to attend to take minutes for publishing after the PLC.  Additionally, I will know the date of the required ILST that ALL newly elected or appointed PoR’s need to attend.  Look for an e-mail later this week.

This Tuesday

Your new SPL has some activities scheduled for the Main Troop to include skills and games, followed by Patrol Time.

First Year Scouts will continue to work on rank requirements.

Reminder: Calling all Merit Badge Counselors – Training Class on Tuesday, September 19th!

Craig Pampeyan

For all new and returning parents who are looking for a great way to help out the troop, we will be having a training class for Merit Badge Counselors at next week’s Troop meeting starting at 7:45pm.  If you have any interests or skills at all, there is likely a merit badge or set of merit badges which you would be able to counsel scouts from our troop on.  You can see the entire list of merit badges and their requirements at and we have a special need for certain Eagle-required merit badges, including Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, Lifesaving, and Sustainability.

Please sign up and plan to attend the course on the 19th!  Sign up here:

Reminder: Recruiting Update

Julie Crane

We are beginning our recruiting season. Here are some important dates to remember:

  • October 3, 2017 - District Webelo Open House (tentative)

  • October 6-8, 2017 - Gold Rush Adventure

  • October 10, 2017 - Our Webelo Open House

  • December 5, 2017 - Planet Granite Activity

  • February 11, 2018 - First Year Onboarding Event

  • February 27, 2018 - First Year Parents Meeting

  • March 6, 2018 - New First Year Scouts Start

If you have a sibling or know of anyone who might be interested in joining, please contact Julie Crane.

Reminder: A Call for Den-Chiefs

Mr. Chin



If you've thought of being a Den-Chief, now is the best chance to make it happen!  Our local cub scout leaders are starting to make their requests.  Last year, Troop 33 assigned over a dozen scouts to various local Packs.

If you are not familiar with this Position of Responsibility (PoR), the Den Chief is a significant Leadership position. As Den Chief, you'll be working closely with the local cub scout Dens and Packs, supporting and helping to organize and lead their activities, setting a good example for the younger scouts, and will be an important factor in recruiting new scouts to our Troop.

In general, anyone who meets the following guidelines is a candidate for Den Chief:

A Boy Scout who has been approved by their ScoutMaster to serve as a Den Chief, is 12 years or older, and ideally 1st class rank or higher.  Den Chief Training (either online, classroom, or both) is required.  There is upcoming in person training in Redwood City on September 16 from 8am - 12pm.  Info is on calendar as well as on

The Den Chief assignment is intended to span the entire school year,  Please note that we generally restrict Den Chief Services to Two terms, maximum.  That gives other scouts an opportunity, and it encourages past Den Chiefs to pursue other PoR positions within the Troop.

If you are interested in being a Den Chief this year, please contact Mr. Chin (either at the Troop meetings or by email:, to get the ball rolling.  If you were a Den Chief last year, you will need to receive ScoutMaster's approval, and will need to coordinate the assignment through Mr. Chin.

Reminder: Wilderness Survival Overnight - Sept 23-24, 2017

Jian Li


What would you do if you set out for a day hike and lost your directions? What if night was falling and you had no idea which way it was to camp? ! What if it started snowing and you lost sight of the trail? Of course this NEVER happens to a Boy Scout, right? But it can happen to anyone. On this trip, we’re going to plan to get LOST. But it’s a drill – and you are all lucky enough to know it’s about to happen.  The following are two structures among those that we will make:

If you are interested in the adventure, find out more here and join the fun trip!  All Troop 33 Scouts First Class and above are welcome. Second class scouts need permission of SMIC

Reminder: Board of Review dates

Scouts wanting a Board of Review should send Mrs. Stanley at a note before the deadline.  Scouts are encouraged to request their own review.

Parent volunteers are also needed!

August 29 with deadline to request August 22

September 12 with deadline to request August 30

Court of Honor is September 26

October 24 with deadline to request October 11

November (None)

December 12 with deadline to request November 29

January 16 with deadline to request January 3

Court of Honor is January 30

February 27 with deadline to request February 14

March 13 with deadline to request February 28

Court of Honor is March 27

April 17 with deadline to request April 4

May 22 with deadline to request May 9

Court of Honor is June 5

For questions on an activity or event, contact the activity owner listed. As an activity owner to have your items included in the T33 Weekly blast, please submit them to Sundeep Gupta by 5 pm Sunday for the following week’s edition.