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T33 Weekly Blast: Sept 22

posted Sep 22, 2014, 9:53 AM by Sundeep Gupta

Sep 27 - Mountain biking Cutter-to-the-Sea

Oct 4 - Elkhorn Slough kayaking

Oct 7 - Merit Badge Counselor training during troop meeting

Oct 10 - Zomb-o-Ree  and Coyote creek cycling classic

Scoutmaster Update

Chris Webb christopherawebb@comcast.

Believe it or not, it was a quiet weekend for Troop 33 Scouts.  Not to worry, as it will all spin back up in October.  The Board of Review on Tuesday went very well, and all the Scouts boarded passed and earned their next respective rank (or Eagle Palm).  Thank you to Marilyn Stanley on her successful first board creation, Karen Townsend for tracking the myriad of requirements for each Scout in order to be boarded, and all the parents that conducted the boards.  Every month there will be a Board of Review, and unlike this month, the deadline for having all requirements completed and submitted for inclusion in the Troop database is two weeks before the board.  Look for reminder e-mails from Mrs. Stanley prior to the next deadline.  It is the Scout’s responsibility, working with their Patrol Advisor, to know what they still need to complete and get done and registered before the board.

Uniforms and badges of Positions of Responsibility.  

A large number of Troop 33 Scout’s uniforms are showing the wear and tear of many years use (and abuse!), or no longer fit as the Scout has grown exponentially. For many of the Scouts, this doesn’t bother them as what they wear and how it looks is not a priority to them at this point of their lives.  Parents, please help them with this as a properly fitting uniform not only shows pride in their Scouting career and activities, but is important as they present themselves before Boards of Review.  Also, too many Scouts are still wearing Position of Authority badges for positions they no longer hold.  When a Scout ends his duty in a position, the badge must be removed from the uniform, along with the “Trained” tab.  It is not fair to Scouts that have been elected to or selected for these positions to have someone else still wearing the same badge.  Quite a few Scouts have new positions and have not changed out their old badges for their new ones.  So, if you still have an old position badge on your uniform, please remove it as soon as possible.  Technically, you are out of uniform if you are wearing a position badge you do not hold.

There is a link on the left side of the Troop 33 web page to sign up for Philmont in 2016.  We have not set the number of crews going yet, as this will be determined once we know how many have signed up.  Registration with Philmont starts on October 29th, so we will be closing the sign-ups by October 19th to have time to review the list and decide on how many crews we need to request.  Be sure you read the requirements to qualify to be on a crew before signing up.  These rules are absolute and cannot/will not be waived.  Here’s the link:

THIS Tuesday

All Scouts will be attending or participating in the Court of Honor.  Please plan to be there as we have many Scouts being advanced in rank, recognition of all the activities from the summer, and presentation of the huge number of Merit Badges earned since June (over 200!)

Den Chiefs needed

Our Den Chief program is off to a great start this year!  13 scouts are currently working towards securing their Den assignments!  However, we continue to get requests for Den Chiefs from several local Packs.  We currently have at least another 3 opportunities, and probably more.   So if you're interested in being a Den Chief this year, please contact Mr. Blasing to get the ball rolling (

Merit badge counselor training is now Oct 7th during Troop meeting

Craig Pampeyan

We have scheduled a convenient training session on Oct 7th  (and not Sept 30th as previously announced) at LAUMC Creekside room during the regular Troop meeting time.

Take advantage of this training arranged during our troop meeting and sign up to become a qualified merit badge counselor.

Please contact Craig Pampeyan if you are interested or would like more information on how you can support our scouts.

Is the American flag ‘backward’ on Scout uniforms?


The answer, turns out, is “Yes” and “No”!

Curious? Thanks to Art Bernstein you can read all about it  here .


Reminder: Training requirements for all adult volunteers

Donna Marcopulos

This is a reminder that the Troop requires all adults who are involved in any activities with the Scouts (ie. Merit Badge Counselors, Boards of Review, drivers and/or participate in events) to complete the online Youth Protection Training course (YPT).

YPT must be taken every two years to be considered current.  To take the course:

  • Log-on to and go to the E-Learning page.  

  • Click on the link to take or retake course which is found next to Youth Protection Training.  

  • At the end of the training you will receive an on-line certificate, keep a copy for your records and send a copy to the Troop Training Coordinator, Donna Marcopulos, by email (  If you have a BSA identification #, don’t forget to link it to your account.

It is also requested all members of the Troop Committee, including all parents who participate in the Boards of Review, take the online Troop Committee Challenge, which is also on the E-Learning page.  This course is required to be considered fully trained as a member of the Troop Committee and only needs to be taken once.

Any questions about training, including other training opportunities, please contact Donna Marcopulos

Reminder: Activity Coordinator Signups are open

Kathleen McGall

We still need many Activity Coordinators (ACs). There will be a training held during the troop meeting on Sep 30th, so please sign up even if you have never been an AC.   Link to signups is below or at the top of the activities page.

This is a critical role for our troop be able to offer as many activities as we do. Plus each family is expected to volunteering two types of roles every year and this role will fulfill one of your volunteer roles for the troop. An AC is required to sign up for one event per year. Also as an AC you or your scout do not need to attend the event. If we do not get an AC for an activity we will need to cancel it.

We have some exciting opportunities for AC coming up that still need assignment:

1. Troop Merit badge rally AC--we hope to assign this to an AC who will cover this as a role every year. The merit badge rally spans three troop meetings. The current AC, Tacy Witter, will train you this year. The AC will work closely with the Merit Badge Coordinator, Craig Pampeyan, to plan this.

2. Scouting for food drop off and pickup--two separate ACs-one for each weekend; another wonderful annual event.

3. Wreath Sales--looking for someone to cover this as a role every year. Alan Cyron has been coordinating this event for the troop for many years. He combines this with the salesmanship merit badge, so it is possible to work with (or be) a merit badge coordinator for this badge as well, but not required.

4. Many assignments starting in January need an AC, including our summer trips that need ACs now to start signups and collect money, etc.

Please sign up to help!  Thank you!  Please contact me with any questions

Reminder: Sign ups for Mountain Biking Cutter-to-Sea, Sep 27 are open

All Scouts with mountain biking experience are invited to join. This ride is downhill mountain bike ride from Cutter Scout Reservation all the way down to the sea at Waddell Beach. It is limited to 20 Scouts and 5 Adults. Cost is $25.  For details, please check here . Contact  Jian Li if any questions.

Reminder: Zomb-o-Ree  October 10-12, Cutter Scout Reservation Sign ups are open

Sign ups for Zomb-o-Ree are open. Limited to 20 Scouts and 5 Adults. Cost is $65 and includes tshirt and patch. Click here for details and link to sign up.


Unsure of how you’ll fare in a battle with the Undead?  Learn and practice your fire building, first aid, and a host of other wilderness survival skills at our Invasion Training Stations. Then team up with your fellow Scouts and compete in contests to hone your skills even further. But beware - you may become infected with the Zombie Contagion during the day - when it counts, will you be FRIEND or FOE?!

Contact Julie Showalter (

For questions on an activity or event, contact the activity owner listed. As an activity owner to have your items included in the T33 Weekly blast, please submit them to Sundeep Gupta by 5 pm Sunday for the following week’s edition.