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Troop 33 Survives the 2013 Zomb-O-Ree

posted May 6, 2013, 11:06 AM by ted marcopulos
This last weekend 26 brave Troop 33 Scouts and 5 adults joined more than 360 other Scouts to participate the Pacific Skyline Councils Annual Zomboree.
  The weekend started off with absolutely perfect weather on Friday and Saturday.  On Friday after arriving and getting our camp set-up the Scouts began preparing a big batch of Jamboree Chili from scratch.  The chili was prepared perfectly by the Scouts and a new “work in progress” Dutch oven “Apple dessert thingy” topped off the evening.  The dessert was to have some Ice Cream to accompany it but the Dry Ice froze the Ice Cream so solid it couldn't even be chiseled out the of the cooler. On Saturday the Scouts were up early working on their Zombie Survival Structures, each Patrol did their own.  At about 9:30am the Scouts began going to various stations that were set up around camp to test their skills.  Our patrols all did excellent at many of the skills and had a fun time.  One big challenge the Scouts had was evading the Zombies that were all over the camp, I’m glad to report that we brought back all the Scouts we started with, no small task with Zombies everywhere.  Dinner on Saturday was a new Tortellini Soup receipt.  The Scouts once again did the entire meal from scratch, slicing dicing, cutting, sauteing and stirring what turned out to be a big hit.  The two large pots were completely empty with some Scouts coming back for thirds.  The accompanying Caesar salad made from 8 heads of lettuce and the 12 loaves of bread were also completely devoured – Running from Zombies all day really makes the Scouts hungry!  Dessert on Saturday was banana boats and the Ice Cream that finally thawed enough to serve.  After dinner was over the Scouts went and participated in a camp wide fire circle.  Part of the way into the activity there was a massive Zombie attach, and all the Scouts had to get back to their Zombie Shelters, unfortunately when they returned to camp all the shelters had been condemned and they had to make their way to the new shelter at the TSB, avoiding the Zombies that were out in force.  At the end of the night an all clear was sounded and the Scouts returned to camp.  Saturday evening brought a sever change of weather with 35mph plus wind from about 10pm until almost 10am.  The wind was so powerful that the plan for a new Dutch oven breakfast meal was abandoned due to concerns of embers being blown away.  Troop 33 did receive two awards, the first was for having the largest contingency at the event, but the more important award was having the best Zombie Survival Structures.  Another notable single event honor goes to Patrol C under Andrew Marcopulos who had all the Firsties and a few other brave souls – They had the fastest time for tying a series of basic knots of any patrol (camp wide) for the day – congratulations.  Overall an excellent trip and many Scouts are excited about doing it again next year.  Thanks to Cole Cummins who served as our SPL and Max Nunley, Anthony Mein and Andrew Marcopulos who were our Patrol Leaders.