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Update: White Water Rafting & Biking Trip - American River - May 4, 2018

posted Apr 22, 2018, 5:10 PM by lance lefam

Just a quick update for all those attending the White Water Rafting Trip on May 4th.

A big thank you to all those who've signed up (to date... 15 scouts and 5 adults)

1.  For adults who are signed up, could you please help us coordinate the driving responsibilities (and minimize our carbon footprint) by answering the following:

      A)  How many seats are in your vehicle?
      B)  Will you be driving with us at the same time?
      C)  Will you be returning with us at the same time?
      D)  Leaving from the church - meeting place -?
      E)  Return to the church?

2.  Mr. Mellea would also want to remind scouts that we are doing a campfire program.   Often we have one of the scouts run the campfire so they can meet Requirement #8 in the Communication Merit Badge ( If you are interested, then please email Mr. Mellea to work with him to create the program.

3.  Nicholas posted some great questions on some camping reqs he wanted to fulfill with Mr. Mellea, like req 4a, 4b, and you are encouraged to check with Mr. Mellea and other ASMs attending.

3.  Please make sure you pay the $195 for the trip via the website....
4.  Lastly, aside from some of those great Eagle track merit badge reqs like camping and communications, YOU ARE GOING HAVE A LOT OF FUN!