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Yosemite - September 21-23 2012

posted Oct 7, 2012, 5:15 PM by Anthony Mein   [ updated Oct 7, 2012, 9:21 PM ]
By Run Thapanangkun 

Last week, our troop went to Yosemite for the weekend for some hikes and rock climbing. Some hikes that the scouts and adults did were Mirror Lake, Nevada Falls, Vernal Falls, Upper Yosemite Falls and last but not least, Half Dome. We got to the campgrounds late at night on Friday so we had to set up our tents in the dark. The next morning, the half dome hikers woke up early in the morning, had bagels for breakfast had left for their hike. Everyone else woke up later and went into their hiking groups. The scouts and adults prepared their lunches and started hiking their trail and climbing. The rock climbers led my Mr. Ottoes got to climb to a ppint called Church Bowl. The Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls started off on the same trail using a stair like pathway. The Mirror Lake group took a nice and steady route. This lake is a very good place to swim if there was water, which there was not! The next hiking group went to Upper Yosemite Falls and got a great view of Half dome and Nevada Falls; this hike also had a stair like path. The last group of hikers were people who were going to half dome. The slowest part of this hike was at the cables when you have to walk through a narrow path while waiting for other people. When most of the groups got back, they had free time to relax from their hike. The next morning, we packed up, but before we left for home, we got to do a troop wide service project. We got to empty the ashes from the fire pit and pick up trash. Many patrols had convenient breakfasts of bagels and oatmeal. Many scouts were sore from their hike still. Overall, the Yosemite trip was an extraordinary hiking experience.

                                                                                                                                                             Vernal Falls
At the top of Half Dome.

Hiking up Vernal Falls.
Service project.

Preparing to hike Upper Yosemite Falls.