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Renewing Your Troop 33 Membership for 2020

Renew your membership with Troop 33

The Troop Renewal Period runs from November to Mid-December of every year.
The deadline for Early Bird discount is November 30, 2019.   The deadline for renewing your registration is December 20, 2019. 
After that time you will automatically be archived in our systems, deactivated, and no longer be eligible for advancement or participation (insurance restrictions).
Late registrations incur a $25 late fee each to cover the added expenses and efforts to get you re-activated.

Leaving Troop 33? -- Please fill out this questionnaire (aging out, moving, other) and we'll know not to pester you during Christmas break. Thank you for your help!

Renewing one's membership with the troop is necessary for both youth (Scouts) and adult members.

Instructions to renew your membership for 2020

  1. Complete one copy of Troop 33 Youth Registration Form for every youth member of the troop (Scout) in your family.'
  2. Complete one copy of Troop 33 Adult Registration Form for every adult member of the troop in your family.
  3. Pay registration dues for each scout. Early bird registration is $183 (plus Paypal fees if applicable) until November 30th. The regular price is $195 after November 30th. Registration is considered complete when both the electronic form and payment have been submitted.
  4. Make a "Friends of Scouting" donation of at least $200 for each scout. This money goes directly to the Pacific Skyline Council. This donation can be made online on PacSky's website. Click here. If you prefer to pay by check, make the check out to BSA and turn it in together with your Troop 33 fee.

Scouts turning 18 in 2020 (aging out): you will pay a prorated amount based on birthday. If you are completing your registration by November 30, 2019, please use the early bird rate of $15.25/month. If you are completing your registration after November 30, 2019, please use the regular rate of $16.50/month.

Friends of Scouting Contribution

To support the various scouting programs, each year Pacific Skyline Council suggests a voluntary contribution from all participating families (please see for details).  This year, the suggested amount is $200. We request that you make your donation directly at You can also write a check and hand it in with your payment for Troop 33 dues.

Payment options

The following payment options are available:
  • Pay by check
    • Make two separate checks: one for the troop fees, and one for the BSA Friends of Scouting program
    • Make the check for the troop fees payable to "BSA Troop 33"
    • Make the check for the BSA Friends of Scouting program payable to BSA
    • Mail or drop checks to Doris Hsu.
Doris Hsu
2244 Sun Mor Ave
Mountain View, CA 94040
  • Online
    • Troop fees: PayPal Payment, regular rate + late fee ($226.88 = $220 + $6.88 fee)

      Troop 33 2020 Dues

    • BSA Friends of Scouting:  Click here.

Mandatory Youth Protection Training for all adult members

Please check that your Youth Protection Training is current throughout 2020.
More information about YPT is available here: You can check the status of your YPT training and obtain the certificate by logging onto the BSA national database at

Alex Baretta & Lisa Reiche
Troop 33 Registrars