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Communications Coordinator

The Communication Coordinator works closely with the Webmaster (Adult Volunteer) and Troop Webmaster (Scout) to orchestrate and manage the overall dissemination of Troop information and communications.  The Troop uses Google Apps to run the Troop.  It serves as the portal to our Troop website which includes our current information, weekly updates, activities calendar, activities descriptions and sign-ups, Troop history, general Scouting news, documentations and additional information. 


  • Oversee the overall look and feel of the Troop website
  • Coordinate the maintenance and updating of the website content
  • Assist  Webmaster when he is posting articles written by Troop Historian
  • Gathers information for the Troop weekly update from the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, Activity coordinators, etc.  Mail it to the Troop Members and posts to on the website
  • Post articles to on an as-needed basis
  • Monitor district and council emails for items of interest and post to
  • Assist Activity Coordinators and Scoutmasters with Google Doc and form creation as needed
  • Work with the Scoutmaster and Volunteer Coordinator to maintain and update the "Activity Coordinators” guide
  • Work with Webmaster to maintain and update various “How To” guides

Skills Required:

  • Detail oriented (verify correct information, no typos, links checked, etc.)
  • Strong written communications skills
  • A bit of marketing in your background or DNA