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Medical Records Coordinator

Duties Overview

1) The coordinator keeps and maintains at his/her home:

  • The original files and copies of all the scout and adult medical forms. The minimum medical form required has 1) Part A, 2) Part B and 3) a copy of the insurance card (front & back). Part C is then required for events of more than 72 hours (all summer activities).
  • Sets of copies of all individual medical forms are given out to and retrieved from scoutmaster for all outings. By necessity, these are two sided copies.

2) The coordinator compiles a set of files (in a large envelope) containing complete medical records for all participants (scout and adult) for each activity or outing.  

The Medical Records coordinator works with the Activity Coordinator (AC) for each activity who will ensure the SMIC gets the set of Medical Records for all participants for an activity. The SMIC must have copies of medical records for each participant with him/her on the activity. The SMIC will ensure the sets get returned to the Medical Records coordinator after the activity or outing. 

3) For summer camps and high adventure outings, similar sets are made for all participants. Activities such as these (over 72 hours or high adventure) require medical forms with all parts, Parts A, B and C (plus a copy of the insurance card). Summer camps//high adventures also require all participating adults to also provide Parts A, B and C (plus insurance card copy). These adults can be alphabetized in with the scouts and put on the same roster list in the set.

4) The Medical records are updated throughout the year as

a) forms come in during registration from scouts who didn’t go to summer camp, but are active and want to go on outings. They need Parts A & B only (with insurance information). As these forms tend to dribble in, files are updated on an ongoing basis as annual physical dates approach, usually for the first overnight outing, then October Mountain Man Rendevous (or comparable event), then MLK January trip – this is done best with email announcement of who is not current so they can have time to turn it in prior to the copying job for an activity or outing. Scouts who don’t get their forms current but want to go on a trip after an announced update can make their own duplicates and turn in a master and three copies (double-sided, paper clipped) to the scoutmaster in charge of the outing.

b) New scouts enter the troop (usually in March when all the new first-year scouts come in). 

5) The coordinator of the Troop Medical Records inputs current information into Troopmaster. This means that whenever new forms are handed in, the information needs to be updated in Troopmaster.

Duties by Calendar Year


  • Contact affected scouts and adults and Collect updated medical forms as they expire
  • Enter updated medical information in Troopmaster
  • Make Medical Record sets for each activity and work with the Activity Coordinator (AC) to ensure the SMIC gets the set for an activity

Early Spring : March

Collect at least Parts A & B medical forms (plus front & back insurance card from all new scouts).
  • Put original forms in Medical Record files
  • Add new scout forms to the Medical Record files
  • Enter new medical information in Troopmaster

This collection usually takes place without an email to the troop, because the registrar and the First Year Scoutmaster communicate the need to those new scouts. Collection is quite informal, with people handing them to you or your son to give to you, etc.

Mid Spring

  • Collect/compile medical forms for all summer camps
  • Enter new medical information in Troopmaster
  • Make Medical Record sets for each activity

Tips to manage your BSA medical forms

  1. Keep a copy on your hard drive
  2. Shift to the fall/winter any Part C doctor’s signature date that forces you to wait until late May, June or July to update your Part C. This will help you avoid the complications of missing the summer camp turn-in deadlines. This can be done (without a physical exam) by asking for a new signature in the fall or winter. Most doctors will do this, free or for a small fee. 
  3. Keep on your hard drive a scan of your insurance card with both sides on a single page. You can print out a new one each time you need to renew your forms. 
  4. Ensure your scout and adult forms are current and turned in to the Medical records Coordinator in the Troop Medical Record files by at least one week before each activity in which your scout or you plan to participate. Submit to the Medical records Coordinator the following: Copy and paper clip three sets, double sided. Each set includes:
    1. Parts A & B
    2. Both sides of insurance card on one sheet
    3. Part C (only for summer activities, but can submitted in the fall, winter or spring)
  5. Adhere to deadlines; ensure your scout and adult forms are current prior to each activity or outing in which your scout or you will participate: 
    • Sept 1 1st updating 
    • Oct 1 2nd updating in time for Mountain Man (or equivalent) 
    • Jan 1 3rd updating in time for MLK weekend expedition 
    • April 1 4th updating, mostly new firsties but all new forms will be updated 
    • June 1 5th updating to create sets for June camps & adventures 
    • July 1 6th updating to create sets for July camps & adventures