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Merit Badges

Merit Badges are the second main area of scout advancement. You can learn about sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and future careers as you earn merit badges. There are more than 130 merit badges. Any Boy Scout may earn any merit badge at any time. You don't need to have had rank advancement to be eligible. Many badges offer the Scout the opportunity to learn about a subject that might just turn out to be a career someday.

Frequently Asked Questions

True Story

In 1958 Steven Spielberg became a Boy Scout, and fulfilled a requirement for the photography merit badge by making a nine-minute 8 mm film entitled “The Last Gunfight”. Spielberg recalled years later to a magazine interviewer, "My dad's still-camera was broken, so I asked the Scoutmaster if I could tell a story with my father's movie camera. He said yes, and I got an idea to do a Western. I made it and got my merit badge. That was how it all started."

Merit Badge Opportunity Signups:

Certain merit badges require opportunities that come along infrequently and sometimes have scouts competing for them.  This lists here are designed to manage those opportunities fairly.

Communications MB speaking opportunities:  
Opportunities include MCing a Court of Honor, MCing a Campfire, XXXXXXXXXXX
Scouts call only sign up if they have already taken the merit badge class or are concurrently signing up for a class now..
Priority will generally be given (by the Scoutmaster or MB Counselor) to scouts based on this following criteria:
   - Age: Older scouts on path to Eagle will be given first priority
   - Remaining Eagle-required merit badges.  Eagle candidates needing little other than this opportunity will be given next priority
   - Scoutmaster's discretion.
RULES: Scouts can only add themselves to the end of the list.  Only Scoutmasters are allowed to rearrange the order of scouts.  Scout's honor here!  If you are found disobeying these rules you will be banned from the opportunity for an extended period of time.