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Scoutmaster Conference

How to Arrange a Scoutmaster Conference

First, make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements. Contact the Advancement Coordinator and make sure everything has been recorded. You will need to bring proof to you scoutmaster conference!

Email or telephone your Patrol Advisor and request a Scoutmaster conference. State that the purpose of the Scoutmaster conference is for the advancement to the rank of ______. The Scoutmaster conference takes place after all other requirements for the rank have been successfully completed and prior to the board of review. (Be sure to telephone a minimum of three weeks prior to the date of a court of honor.)

NOTE: Allow 15-30 minutes for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class, 30-45 minutes for Star and Life, and 45-60 minutes for Eagle Scout. Allow 15-30 minutes for Eagle Palms.

NOTE: For Eagle Scout and Eagle Palms only the Scoutmaster may hold the conference.

What to Bring

  • Full Class A Uniform 
  • Boy Scout Handbook with all required signatures OR Progress Report showing completed requirements 
  • Evidence of hours worked on service projects 
  • Evidence of satisfactory service in a position of responsibility. 

Be Prepared

Be prepared to discuss what you have learned while working towards this rank, how you have demonstrated scout spirit, and what you have done in your position of responsibility.