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Trail to Eagle

The upper ranks focus on learning at a different level and a Scout must be self-directed as he works towards Eagle.  All three ranks focus on the following areas:

Merit Badges

  • Scout earns merit badges by working with counselor 
  • Scout turns in blue cards to Advancement Coordinator (keep your copy safe!) 


  • Scout serves in a position of responsibility 
  • Patrol Advisor reviews experience
    • Den Chief Coordinator to help with notes from Den Leaders, send to Patrol Advisor for review 
    • Scoutmaster must approve PoR credit for Senior Patrol members 
    • First Year ASM must approve PoR credit for Troop Guides (first year)
    • NOTE: Life Scouts must use EDGE method to teach younger scouts, Patrol Advisor to review
  • Patrol Advisor informs Advancement Coordinator when complete 


  • Scout performs service 
  • Patrol Advisor reviews (if not Troop project) 
  • Patrol Advisor informs Advancement Coordinator when complete 

Scout Spirit

Your Patrol Advisor will discuss “Scout Spirit” with you during Scoutmaster Conference.

Eagle Scout Service Project

There are several important items that are different in the process of becoming an Eagle Scout.  The biggest difference is the Eagle Scout Service Project.  Think of your Eagle Scout Service Project as the ultimate "application phase" of what you have learned thus far in Scouting: leadership. . . responsibility. . . managing projects. . . applying your Scout Oath - "to help other people."  An Eagle Scout project is a crowning achievement following years of fun, adventure, and advancement. In completing it, you provide an example for others that they can do the same thing.

Step-by-Step Process
Here are the steps for working through the Eagle Scout Service Project:
  1. Meet with the Eagle Advancement Coordinator (one parent needs to be present)
  2. Download a copy of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
  3. Identify an Eagle Project
  4. Work with a Project Representative (church, school, or other organization) to get requirements 
  5. Write up an "Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal" (get outline and samples from Eagle Advancement Coordinator) 
  6. Get signature approval from "Unit Committee" (Eagle Advancement Coordinator)
  7. Get signature approval from "Project Representative" (your project sponsor)
  8. Get signature approval from "Unit Leader" (Scoutmaster)
  9. Get signature approval from "Council or District" (Eagle Advancement Coordinator will provide contacts for Stanford District)
  10. Make any requested changes as part of the "Eagle Scout Service Project Final Plan"
  11. Do the project
  12. Get your Project Representative to sign your project report confirming it is done 
  13. Write up an "Eagle Scout Service Project Report"
  14. Email your report to the Eagle Advancement Coordinator for review and approval
NOTE: Do NOT begin any work on your project until you have all FOUR SIGNATURES!

Contact Info

Here is the contact information for page 9 of the workbook:
  • Unit Leader
    • Thomas Poppitz
    • 650-888-3464
    • 458 Distel Drive, Los Altos, CA 94022
  • Unit Committee Chair
  • Unit Advancement Coordinator
    • Erik Branstad
    • 650-966-1877
    • 1320 Carvo Ct, Los Altos, CA 94024
  • Council Service Center
    • Stephen Smith
    • 650-327-5900
    • 1305 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94301
  • Council or District Project Approval Representative

Eagle Scout Rank Application

Once you are ready to apply for Eagle Scout you need to put together an "Eagle Binder" with the following items:
  1. Eagle Scout Rank Application
  2. Requirement #6 - "Attach to this application a statement of your ambitions and life purpose and a listing of positions held in your religious institution, school, camp, community, or other organizations during which you demonstrated leadership skills. Include honors and awards received during this service.
  3. Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook
Step-by-Step Process
  1. Obtain an "Eagle Application Assistance" report from Advancement Coordinator (Mrs. Townsend)
  2. Fill out an Eagle Scout Rank Application (download and fill this out on your computer)
  3. Meet with the Eagle Advancement Coordinator (Mr. Bowden) to review your Eagle Binder 
  4. Setup a Scoutmaster Conference
    • He will discuss and review your Eagle Project Report
    • He will review your Eagle Scout Rank Application
    • Expect a discussion surrounding your essay and requirements #1 (active participation) and #2 (scout spirit)
  5. Meet with the Troop Committee Chair (Mr. Cyron) to review your Eagle Binder and get the final signature on your application 
  6. Turn in your Eagle Binder to the Stanford District Office, 1305 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94301
    • All requirements and paperwork must be done AND TURNED IN before your 18th birthday!
  7. Wait to be contacted
    • Eagle BoR's are held the fourth Thursday of the month
    • The deadline to be considered is the 1st of the month
    • Your Eagle BoR can be held after your 18th birthday
NOTE: Do not wait until the last minute, it takes time to write up your project and schedule time to have it reviewed!
NOTE: Eagle Boards of Reviews for Stanford District are held every fourth Thursday of the month.
NOTE: In order to be scheduled for an EBoR your binder must be turned in by the first of the month (unless the first is a holiday or Monday, then it must be turned in on the previous business day)

Eagle Board of Review

Once you have turned in everything required by the application you will be contacted for an Eagle Board of Review.  This happens at the District level unlike all the other ranks to date.

Step-by-Step Process
  1. Notify our Eagle Advancement Coordinator and let him know that you have been scheduled
  2. Make sure you have a FULL Class A uniform that fits
    • This includes socks, pants, belt, shirt, neckerchief, merit badge sash, & all patches
    • See the Uniform Page for more information
    • Make sure you know what ALL of the patches on your uniform represent
  3. The Eagle Advancement Coordinator will send you a list of questions to help you prepare for the review
    • Be yourself and answer all the questions honestly and to the best of your ability
    • There are no "wrong" answers, just your answers
    • The Eagle Board of Review is a review of your character and whether you are ready to be an Eagle Scout
  4. Make sure you have the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Motto, Scout Slogan, and the Outdoor Code memorized

Eagle Court of Honor

Once a Scout passes his Eagle Board of Review he is an Eagle Scout.  Troop 33 has a tradition of recognizing Eagle Scouts at an Eagle Court of Honor complete with bagpipes and drums, slide shows of the Eagles' Scouting career, a guest speaker, and a speech by the Eagle Scout based on his personal experiences. We have an Eagle Court of Honor Coordinator who works with the parents to coordinate all aspects of the ECoH including: guest speaker, invitations, programs, proclamations, speeches, slide shows, and more.  Our Hospitality Coordinators will help with the cake and refreshments.  Eagle Courts of Honor are held in the LAUMC Sanctuary, include anywhere from 2-5 Eagle Scouts, and last between 1-1.5 hours.

Here are some important notes:
  • A Scout must turn in their Eagle Binder before they can enter the ECoH planning process
    • This must be done no less than 2 months (60 days) prior to the planned ECoH date
  • A Scout must have their EBoR scheduled no less than 1 month (30 days) prior to the planned ECoH date
    • If a Scout does not pass that EBoR they will be removed from the ECoH and scheduled for a later date
NOTE: In order to be scheduled for an EBoR your binder must be turned in by the first of the month
NOTE: Eagle Boards of Reviews are held every fourth Thursday of the month

Eagle Court of Honor Expenses

The Troop allocates $150/Eagle to cover expenses such as cake, punch, programs, flowers, flags, etc.  Any additional charges are the responsibility of the families.  The families appoint one parent to be in charge of finances for the Eagle Court of Honor.

Here is the process for reimbursement:
  • The Hospitality Coordinators submit their expenses directly to the Treasurer
  • The Treasurer will reimburse the Hospitality Coordinators directly
  • The Treasurer will divide the hospitality amount evenly and subtract it from the $150/Eagle
  • The Treasurer will cut checks for the remaining amount to each family
  • The Troop will pay LAUMC directly for the use of the A/V equipment
The parent in charge of expenses is responsible for collecting all receipts and then calculating how much each family spent and how much each family owes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is our Eagle Advancement Coordinator?
A: Mr. Bowden (650) 948-2302

Q: Who is the "Unit Leader"?
A: Mr. Webb THOMAS POPPITZ or Jon Meyer <>

Q: Who is the "Unit Committee Chair"?
A: Mr. Cyron (510) 219-5886

Q: Who signs for the "District or Council approval"?
A: One of the Stanford District Eagle Advancement representatives will sign.  Get contact info from Mr. Bowden.

Q: Where do I turn in my Eagle Binder?
A: Palo Alto Scout Shop, 1305 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA

Q: Who is our "Eagle Court of Honor Coordinator"?
A: Kimberly Dickerson  None at this time
Brent Browning,
Sep 30, 2013, 6:58 PM