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Caring for Troop Gear

Part of the responsibility is taking home some of the troop gear and cleaning and caring for it. Scouts need to help but you need to supervise so things are done correctly. Cleanup is not fun but it is an absolute necessity. Gear needs to be ready to go for the next outing when it is checked back into the cage. Below you will find the instructions for how to care for tents and patrol boxes.


After each activity one of the Scouts in a buddy pair/group will take home a Troop tent.  Tents need to be aired out immediately or they will mildew and be ruined.  Before a tent is returned a complete inventory should be taken and any missing items reported to the Quartermaster.
  • Remove all items from tent stuff sack immediately after the outing 
  • Inventory: stuff sack, ground cloth with mesh stuff sack, tent, rain-fly, and 6 stakes with small stuff sack 
  • Unzip doors and shake out any loose dirt/debris
  • Setup tent and/or hang up ground cloth, tent, and rain-fly to dry (in garage if necessary).  We need it back bone-dry! 
  • Once everything is completely dry re-pack tent 
  • Fold up ground cloth/foot print and place into small netting bag
  • pull out main bag, this is how wide you will need to roll up the tent (or how much to fold up the parts)
  • Fold up rain-fly in half and then half again, (it may be in thirds), roll this up and set aside.
  • Fold up tent in half and then half again, (it may be in thirds), rull this up and set aside.
  • Put tent/rain-fly/poles/stakes roll into stuff sack (make sure stakes are parallel to poles) 
  • Put ground cloth down the side 
  • If any items are damaged or missing please include a note to the quartermaster
  • it done properly you should be able to look inside the bag and see all the parts, fly, tent, Poles, stakes, ground cloth/footprint.
  • Return the tent promptly at the next troop meeting following the outing and check it in with the Quartermaster

Patrol Boxes

After each activity one Scout from each Patrol who has the "Patrol Quartermaster" duty will take home a patrol box to be cleaned and inventoried. A patrol box has all of the necessary items for a patrol to cook and clean on a campout. It is critical that the patrol box gets properly cleaned and a full inventory done after each activity so it will be ready for the next activity. 
  • Remove all items from patrol box immediately after the outing 
  • Wipe out the inside of the patrol box 
  • Wash all pots, pans, utensils, sponges and cooking items (dishwasher preferred) 
  • Clean cast iron griddle with water only (no soap!) then "season" with a light coat of cooking oil 
  • Open all containers and inspect 
  • Throw away any sponges or towels (we will re-stock these later) 
  • Inventory items in box against contents and make a note of missing items
  • Make sure everything is thoroughly dry - especially the griddle!
  • Repack patrol box using included packing instructions.  
  • If any items are damaged or missing please include a note to the Quartermaster
  • these include consumable items include: paper towels, garbage bags, dish soap, matches, hand sanitizer, foil spices, etc. 
  • an accurate note to the Quartermaster is the best way to keep these boxes in good working order. 
  • A "toe tag" should be in each box that is easy to attach to the outside listing what needs to be replaced/fixed.
All Troop Gear should be returned on the Tuesday meeting immediately after an outing to the Troop Quartermaster. Make sure you check it in so your name can be removed from his list.
  • Please get your Scout involved but supervise them so it gets done properly 
  • You do not need to purchase any missing items, have your Scout tell the Troop Quartermaster 
  • Air all tents out immediately - if they are wet they will mildew and be ruined
  • Throw away any sponges - they stay wet and mildew, we put new ones in each time
  • Propane fuel is no longer stored in the patrol boxes due to fire regulations at the church
    • Empty propane canisters can be thrown away in the trash
    • Full or partial containers should be returned and stored in the flammables cage
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