Troop Guide

The Troop Guide works with new Scouts. He helps them feel comfortable and earn their First Class rank in their first year.

Reports to: The Assistant Scoutmaster for the new scout patrols in the first year program


  • Introduce new Scouts to troop operations. 
  • Guide new Scouts through early Scouting activities. 
  • Help set and enforce the tone for good Scout behavior within the troop. 
  • Ensure older Scouts never harass or bully new Scouts. 
  • Help new Scouts earn the First Class rank in their first year. 
  • Coach the patrol leader of the new-Scout patrol on his duties. 
  • Work with the patrol leader at patrol leaders’ council meetings. 
  • Attend patrol leaders’ council meetings with the patrol leader of the new-Scout patrol. 
  • Assist the assistant Scoutmaster with training. 
  • Coach individual Scouts on Scouting challenges. 
  • Set a good example, wear the Scout uniform correctly, and live by the Scout Oath and Scout Law. 
  • Show and help develop Scout spirit. 
  • Teach basic Scout skills.
NOTE: Troop Guide is a one-year position, we expect Scouts to commit from March 1st through March 1st.


Expectation 1
Expectation not met
Below expectation
Meets basic expectation
Meets target expectations
Excels in position
Assist ASM with training and teach basic scout skills 0 meetings
0 briefings
50% meetings
1 briefing
75% meetings
2 briefings
85% meetings
3 briefings
95% meetings
4 briefings
Represent the patrol at the PLC and Annual Planning Meeting 0 meetings 2 PLC meetings
1 PLC meeting
Annual Planning
3 PLC meetings
2 PLC meetings
Annual Planning
4 PLC meetings
3 PLC meetings
Annual Planning
6 PLC meetings
4 PLC meetings
Annual Planning
Guide new scouts through early scouting activities 0 activities 1 first year activity 2 first year activities 3 first year activities 5 first year activities
Help patrol members advance in rank 0 scouts advance in rank 2 scout advances in rank 4 scouts advance in rank 6 scouts advance in rank 8 scouts advance in rank
Scout and Patrol Spirit Poor Below Average Average Above Average Excellent

NOTE: The rubric is designed around a single 6-month term as with all other positions. Troop Guide is a one-year position.